April 9, 2021//Stinson Park//AO-Brickyard Pop Up #2//45 finally rain free degrees//
10 Pax: Betamax, Bloodshot, Gunner, Turn Around, Brazilian, Stella, Safe Ride, E85, Sticky Bandit, and Folsom.
Q: Folsom
The PAX gathered at the Shovelflags, while Folsom ran around madly, placing cones around the sidewalks. Folsom returned to the shovelflags at exactly 05:30. He welcomed the PAX with the mission statement, the 5 core principles, a disclaimer that he was not a professional, even though in his mind he really is. Folsom explained that today’s theme is to look back at how far you’ve come, whether that be as a dad, a husband, a professional whatever you do, or just your journey around the 3 cones. The he began the beatdown thusly:
Warm O’ Rama
• No mosey, this is a coupon beatdown!
• SSH ICx25
• Sobriety Style (stand on 1 leg) Sun Gods, forward and backwards, ICx10
• Mountain Climbers ICx20
• Tempo Merkins, ICx10
• Goof Balls ICx20
• Copper Head Squats ICx15
The Thang: Look back at how far you’ve come

  1. Riffle Carry to the first cone (20 yards), do the following exercises:
    a. 20 Coupon Thrusters (Hold coupon to your chest elbows in, squat down, stand up while pressing coupon above your head, lower coupon while returning to squat position=1)
    b. 25 Bent over rows
    c. 25 Dead lifts (feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, stick butt out while lowering coupon to mid-shin, DO NOT ROUND BACK, push ground down while raising to straight up, flex butt at the top=1)
  2. Riffle Carry to the second cone (20 yards), do the following exercises:
    a. 10 Blockees (Burpee with your coupon, a.k.a. Man Makers)
    b. 20 Curls for the Gurls!
    c. 20 Coupon Side Bends (10 each side)
  3. Lunge Walk with coupon to third cone (20 yards), do the following exercises:
    a. 10 Traveling Merkins (Right hand on coupon, left hand on ground, Merkin, both hands on coupon, left hand on Coupon, right hand on ground, Merkin=1) try not to put your knees on the ground
    b. 20 Coupon Gas Pumpers (balance on your six on your coupon)
    c. 20 Coupon Swings
  4. Rinse and Repeat until Omaha. We made it to each cone 3 times.
    6 MoM
    • Dying Cyclone (Chill Cut, reach out touch coupon, repeat other hand), ICx20
    • LBC (hold coupon above your chest, focus on moving coupon by abs only) ICx20
    • Big Bois (hold coupon to chest) ICx20
    • American Hammers (twist coupon side to side) ICx10 (Rancid Style around the circle)
    Mumblechatter: The PAX urged Folsom that next time he plans a workout to stop at 20 reps on the coupon exercises. Although not actually overheard during the beatdown, it made my day to get a text after the beatdown telling me that it was in the top 2 hardest beatdowns they had ever experienced. You’re welcome.
    COT: Today’s workout was about looking back at how far you’ve come and being grateful for all that you have accomplished. I start every morning, after hitting snooze, with putting my feet on the ground and saying thank you for another day to get better. It really helps start my day with the right attitude. I try to instill that value in my children. I’m proud to say it’s working. #DadBrag for a minute. My 9 yr. old, was taking some tests at school for which her teacher had sent home some notecards for us parents to fill out with words of encouragement for our kids. The teacher did not tell the kids she was doing this and asked us to keep it a secret. Anna recognize the paper as paper the teacher uses in her classroom. Anna asked the teacher if it was her idea to send the notes of encouragement. The teacher confessed that it was her idea and Anna sincerely thanked her for doing that. Anna felt like she was going to do great on the test because of the words of encouragement and she was grateful for her teacher setting that up. The teacher was so touched that she shared this story with me because, “in all of [her] years of teaching, she never once had a child thank her for doing this.” Remember, be grateful for what you do have, AND our children are watching, set a good example.
    Aye- Folsom
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