Futurama – Great Day for a Beatdown 

April 8, 2021 / AO – Futurama  / 5:30 / Temperature:  45 with some rain and wind

Pax:  Othello, Black Flag, Gunner, Pantyhose, Armbar, Sportiva, Slow-Pitch-a, U-Haul, E-85, Polaroid, Dome, Port-a-john, Side Dish, and Blackjack.

Q: Wentworth 

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30.   The Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given, along with the 5 core principles.  The men then made their way down the trail towards Dodge street for a short warmup.


Pax lined up along the trail for some various moving exercises and we started with about 30 yards of high knees, and came back with butt kickers.  Then, we moved to a little karoke down and back.  To loosen up the arms and shoulders, we did some inch worms about 10-15 yards and back.  Then, did some sun gods and headed over to the “Pre-Thang”


2 cones one on each side of the pedestrian bridge over Dodge, partner up and one partner goes over the bridge to do a specific exercise and then returns where his partner was doing an AMRAP exercise on this side

Cone 1:  Mountain Climbers / SSH’s / Plank Jacks / Big Boys

Cone 2:  Monkey Humpers 10IC / Bobby Hurley’s 15 / Flutter Kicks 15IC / Merkins 10

Mumblechatter became louder as the Pre-Thang went on and felt like a Thang, but YHC confirmed that this was only the pre-Thang.


Mosey over to the stairs for the real Thang, switch partners and then we started with one group heading up the stairs for 10IC Pickle Pushers while the partner did Catalina Wine Mixers AMRAP, next exercise up the stairs was another mosey with monkey humpers and partner did Copperhead Squats, then we did bear crawl and crawl bear on the steps and Carolina Dry Docks at the base, we ended with lunges up the stairs and Freddy Mercury’s on the bottom.


  1. Low Dolly’s
  2. Rosalita’s
  3. Heels to Heaven
  4. American Hammers – Rancid Style IC from each person in the circle 


Announcements convergence 4/24 with 3rd F opportunity to bring canned food for the Food Bank.  6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Also, 2nd F this Saturday at Kros Strain for a little mosey and celebratory beer afterwards.  New AO’s and pop-ups next week, check Slack for details.  Another 3rd F opportunity to volunteer at Heartland Hope May 8th from 9:00-12:30.

COT: YHC spoke about counting your blessings multiple times a day and encouraging your friends and PAX to do the same.  Whenever I have been struggling with something, it always helps me to put that into perspective and count my many blessings.  Lift someone else up who really needs it today.  Let them know that you care and just be there to listen to their concerns.

Ended in prayer.



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