Tuesday April 6th Sanitarium Backblast Khakis on the Q

At exactly 5:30 AM Khakis got it going. It was a cool Spring morning at The Sanitarium and Khakis welcomed these 17 PAX to F3 – Tony the Tiger, Knobs, Squeaky Clean, KOA, Firewalker, Arch, Swiper, G Rooney, Girl Dad, Double Dip, Schnapps, Boiling Point, Golden Pike, Soda Pop, Schrute, Tater Tot, and Grease Fire.

F3 is Fitness Fellowship and Faith. He then went through the 5 Core Principles including the Disclaimer and Credo. Next he went over carefully our F3 Mission statement giving particular attention to “Serve”. In Plant Grow and ‘Serve’ He then asked if there were any FNGs – there were none and we off.

Today was day to celebrate as the Baylor Bears conquered March Madness winning Championship with a 16 point Beat-down of Gonzaga.  

To get things started he had us do 16 Burpees in honor of the 16 point victory.

When then headed in the stadium where we stopped and did 2 sets each of 16 dips and merkins in rapid fashion.  Once that was completed we headed to the football field for The Thang.

We paired off with someone of similar ability and then paired and then matched-up with another pair for a 2 Pair Grinder.

While one pair was doing AMRAP of the exercise listed on the sheet the other pair ran down the football field 100 yards and back and then when they were 16 yards out they would Baylor Bear Crawl to the goal line to relieve their partners.   There were 12 exercises that each group must complete and Khakis emphasized we will complete ALL of them.1. Hydraulic Squats2. Bobby Hurlys3. American Hammers4. Alternating Shoulder Taps5. Heels to Heaven6. Groiners7. Squatted Shoulder Press8. Mountain Climbers9. Monkey Humpers10. SSH11. Carolina Dry Docks12. Flutter Kicks

When Khakis finally yelled Omaha almost every group had finished all 12 exercises but in true Khaki fashion he made sure they were all completed by everyone and therefore 6MOM would begin with 16 Flutter Kicks followed up by the final exercise was 20 American Hammer (in cadence) – the only way to end workout.

He then had the PAX mosey back up to the Shovel Flags for Namorama Announcements, Prayers and COT.   Among the Announcements were reminders of the Pop Up AOS and subsequent new AOS throughout the city.  Our Anniversary Convergence at The Pit 4-24-21.  

Khakis COT was simple short and to the point but the point was made very clear. Part of our Mission Statement is SERVE and while a specific meaning of SERVE isn’t clearly defined within F3 we do know we are called to serve others, our family, our community a higher power. But how we choose to serve is up to each and every individual PAX member. Khakis took us out in prayer finishing with how honored he was to Serve as your Q on this beautiful da.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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