The Oracle – 0600 // 4-10-21 // Aldrich Middle School // Weather
• 49 degrees – perfect workout conditions
• PAX= 24 – A- Bomb, Bubbles, Big One, Convoy, Speed Square, Toto, Pothole, Tonight Show, American Picker, Good Life, Sow Pitch, Vandelay (respect), Blue Chip, Sven, Wait-Time, Ice T, Panty Hose, Bubbles, Roadhouse, Toto, Tugboat, Yodel, DaVinci (respect-respect), Chuckie.
VQ: Retweet
• Q welcomed PAX to THE ORACE promptly at 6:00 am with the 5 core principals, mission statement and disclaimer that the Q is only a semi-professional. No FNGs were present. Retweet stated that this would be an extended Mosey, Warm-A-rama/Pre-thang with chatter encouraged.
Mosey commenced northeast
• Sun Gods- F/B 15 IC • TappyTaps-15IC
The PAX then proceeded to perform a Merkin clock/compass by beginning in plank facing north. As this is 12 o’clock, we performed 12 Merkins, rotated to 9 o’clock and we performed 9 Merkins, at 6 o’clock we performed 6 Merkins and 3 o’clock – 3 Merkins.
The Mosey continued to the next parking lot to the east where we performed:
• BigOnes-15IC
• Cherry Pickers – 15 IC
The 2nd round of the Merkin clock was then completed from 12-3 o’clock. Mosey proceeded to the next lot to the east:
• Side Tappy Taps – 15 IC
The 3rd round of the Merkin clock was completed with small error by the Q when he only counted to 5 Merkins at 6 o’clock. He was promptly made aware of this mistake by the PAX. Tonight Show deemed it a moment of integrity.
Mosey proceeded to the next lot to the west: • Windmills – 15 IC
Round 4 of the Merkin clock was completed.

Mosey continue to the West:
No further warmup was needed and round 5 of the Merkin clock was completed.
Mosey continued to our where we began Warm-O-Rama. Here the Q asked Slow Pitch what time our workout commenced “6 am” was the response, leading us to round 6 of the Merkin clock. Upon completion, Convoy was asked how many Merkins were done each round, his response was 30 (except for round 3 where the Q miscounted). As a result we completed 179 Merkins as part of the Warm-up/Pre-thang.
The Thang:
PAX broke up into groups of 4.
Station 1
• Plank 60 count
• Side plank 30 count • Side plank 30 count • Plank 60 count
• Push
Station 2
• SSH-25IC
• Cherry pickers – 25 IC
• Seal claps 25 – IC
• Moroccan nightclub 25 IC
Station 3
• Air squats – 25
• Bonne Blairs 25
• Alternating lunges -25 • Bobby Hurleys -15
Station 4
• Heels to Heaven -25 • Flutter kicks -25
• Box cutters -25
• LBC- 25
Omaha was called at 6:41 and we returned to the flag for Mary:
• Heels to Heaven – 25
• The Pax were then asked what time the beat down ends “0700”. Time for round 7 of the
Merkin clock – 209 total Merkins for the day!
• American Hammers

Announcements/Prayer requests
• Queen Service later run today
• Several prayer request were made for friends/family
Q presented a scenario that many of us have been in before with playing/watching sports.
Your son/daughter is pitching in a big game. The game is tied coming to the end, there have been several questionable calls by the ump already. Full count and…ball 4. You strongly disagree with many comments directed at the umps ability to be fair. The runner steals 2nd and scores later on a bang/bang play at the plate. You let the ump have it – “you suck, you’re terrible, how do you live with yourself”, etc.
Your team loses and when you walk to the parking lot after the game there is the ump taking his gear off. Your wife tells you to to b quiet. As he takes his mask off you think you recognize him – you didn’t see his face during the game due to his mask. He looks at you and you know you have seen him. Then you see it…the F3 sticker on his back window. Oops, now you remember, he was an FNG about a month ago at Futurama. He was also in your group at The Woodshed 2 weeks ago. He still stinks as an ump but does knowing he is an F3- one of us- make you wish you hadn’t said what you did during the game?
Q states when he started F3 in December everyone was wearing hats and masks. He didn’t know what anyone looked like for weeks. Knowing that anyone we encounter could be an F3- or might be one soon- should make us all think before we say something we might regret.
A special emphasis in the prayer was made to thank all PAX for coming out to this Q and for the mission of F3. We are all better mentally, physically and spiritually as part of this group. We pray that this group will continue to grow and men will experience the benefits.

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