Friday, April 9, 2021 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 5:15 AM | 45 degrees

PAX (17): Short Sale, Doppler, Kill Switch, Firewalker, Sparty, Barn Door, Moon Man, Speed Square, Arm Bar, Mac N Cheese
(Hate), Skipper, Chucky, Panty Hose, Tube Socks, Patton (RESPECT), Tony The Tiger

QIC: Ferdinand

Pre-Run:  Tube Shocks, Short Sale, Sparty, Firewalker, Chucky, Ferdinand

Ferdinand welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs. YHC then mentioned to the PAX to have a lot of fun/chatter and to cheer on all the PAX members as we are going through the beatdown!


Mosey around parking lot and meet at the base of the hill.


3 Rounds – Bear crawl up the hill and run down – burpee to the 6                                                        3 Rounds – Run backwards up the hill and run down – burpee to the 6

The Thang: 8 Round Countdown – Burpee to the 6 – Each PAX counts off an exercise down the line

Sprint from one goal post to the other goal post then get started on the first round. Sprint from goal post to goal post between rounds.

40 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

35 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

30 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

25 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

20 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

15 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

10 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

5 – Push-ups, Air Squats, Big Boys

180 of each exercise!

Omaha was called at 5:52 AM and then we moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary!


50 Sarpy County Slammers IC

# Off/Name-o-rama/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Prayer:

This was my first time at The Combine and boy was I impressed! I now understand why this AO is known as the hardest working AO in the metro! Sparty has done a heck of a job with this site. The PAX were energized and eager to get started on this beatdown!

Announcements – The Farm is having its first pop-up next Friday starting at 5:15 AM, The 3 year F3 Omaha convergence workout at the Pit 6-8 AM, Hop-a-lujah tomorrow from 10-12 PM at Kros Strain,

Prayer Requests – Ferdinand’s dogs as he is having to put them both down later today, Short Sales father-in-law Bob, Patton’s family, Sparty’s mentee getting into Harvard University, and the hurting PAX that would love to be out here with us.

COT – “Be Somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

How can you do this:

  • Smile at everyone you meet.
  • Thank people for their service even if they are being paid for it.
  • Be respectful in your tone of voice and body language.
  • Let them know how awesome they are.
  • Give them your full attention when speaking to them. 
  • Focus on their positive qualities. Do not tear them down. Build them up.
  • Treat everyone the same from the janitor to the CEO.
  • Be kind. Always. It costs nothing but it can mean everything to someone else.

Being a person who can make others feel good is a powerful weapon that not only has a positive effect on others but can lead you to greater success and happiness than you could possibly imagine.

Prayer – We all came together in a tight circle and locked arms for our prayer!

Final Thoughts – F3 has done so much for me in the past 7 months. I have met so many great HIM, improved my fitness, fellowship, and faith and truly believe I have become a better man(father/husband/friend/brother/leader/etc.). Thank you for all the PAX that came out this morning to support each other! I look forward to continuing to go to new AOs to meet other great brothers that are accelerating!



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