Backblast: The Sandlot – (The Power of Traditions) – Tater Tot (4/8/21)

Spring had sprung and then said wait a second guys, lets get back to 30’s and rain….Selfishly I was happy to be Q’ing a running focused AO as keeping it moving on cold and wet days are the key to staying warm. Three PAX (Swiper, Fire Walker and Sparty) gathered at the flags for pre run and waited patiently for Tater to set up his final touches on The Masters beatdown course throughout Halleck Park.  Swiper went at an unhealthy pace for Tater so by the time we returned Tater was gassed and even with a faster pace somehow was tardy to start right at 5:30am and was hollering the mission statement from across the road.  Come on Tater.   Pretty sure the mission statement was even forgotten….  I was genuinely excited to lead this group of men.  And we were off!

PAX: Ferdinand, Swiper, Khakis (Respect), Zoro, Sparty, Tony the Tiger, Fire Walker, G-Rooney, Feeny, Tater Tot and Big One in spirit (his alarm didn’t go off).

Mosey Rama – 1.17 Mile Partner Chain Run with Bobby Hurley’s and High Fives

The PAX would run side by side at a moderate pace around the East Side of Halleck’s Duck Pond and the last two men would complete five Bobby Hurley’s  and on the fifth jump would high five each other and sprint(ish) to the front.  Khakis was quick to point out that if the PAX in the back start the Bobby’s it makes for more running then having the lead guys start the Bobby’s.  Yup, sure does Khakis (Respect). After we completed the mosey rama we gathered at the covered pavilion area near the flags where the PAX were greeted with a newly purchased putting apparatus. 

The Thang: Putt for Prizes (Burpees)

As the PAX caught their breath Tater Tot explained The Thang.  Tater also hit play on The Masters theme music and a couple of the PAX chimed in saying “Hello friends”.  It was quite relaxing I must say.  The 8 ft. putting mat had four spots you could choose from to putt.  Each had their challenges and rewards.  Any make would result in just completing the burpees listed on the left side of the mat with no penalty card.  A miss would result in the burpee number listed in addition to drawing a penalty card. The burpees would be completed immediately following the putt and then a 300yd authority run (a Ferdinand length drive) to a cone, complete the penalty card exercise and authority run back to the putt.  What should be noted is that Tater practice putted a number of times the night before to determine the difficulty of the makes and seemed acceptable that 50% the PAX would make a putt.  Nope, not one.  Not a single putt was made and that meant more burpees and penalty cards each and every time.  Most of the PAX took their shot at the 8ft putt taking their chances for the least amount of burpees but a higher percent of a penalty card.   

2ft Putt:  

  • Make (15 burpees no penalty card)
  • Miss (30 burpees with penalty card)

4ft Putt:  

  • Make (10 burpees no penalty card)
  • Miss (20 burpees with penalty card)

6ft Putt:  

  • Make (5 burpees no penalty card)
  • Miss (10 burpees with penalty card)

8ft Putt:  

  • Make (0 burpees no penalty card)
  • Miss (5 burpees with penalty card)

Round 1) 8ft Miss, 5 burpees, 300 yard run, 20 jump squats, run back

Round 2) 8ft Miss, 5 burpees, 300 yard run, 30 Werkins, run back

Round 3) 6ft Miss, 10 burpees, 300 yard run, 20 groiners, run back

Round 4) 6ft Miss, 10 burpees, 300 yard run, 15 dive bombers, run back

  • The rain began to fall at this point which felt very refreshing and a few of the PAX were wondering if the PGA was about to sound the horn…. funny)

Round 5) 6ft Miss, 10 burpees (Fire Walker thought it would be a good idea to high five at the top and Tater about puked, (Bonnie Blairs penalty card selected) Omaha!

The PAX were directed to the hill on the east side of Duck Pond where a mat, plastic kids driver and ball awaited for someone to try and hit beyond a lit cone.  We would complete half of our 20 Bonnie Blairs IC, Feeny I believe took the shot (two attempts) at and unfortunately did not hit the ball more than six feet.  We completed the remaining 10 Bonnie Blairs IC and made our way to the final skill shot for Mary. 

Mary – Yes, another mat awaited the PAX but this time with real golf balls and a youth 54 degree wedge.  We were roughly 45 yards away from the Par 3 Duck Pond Island hole.  A beautiful water fountain complimented the greenery and in the background a perfectly up lit shovel flag stood proudly on the green waiting to see who could land a ball on the green.  Tater mentioned there were 100 American Slammers on the table and for every ball that landed on the green 10 Slammers would be taken off.  While PAX took their hacks, leaders called out whatever core exercise and did them while watching balls fly over the water.  It was anyone’s guess where they were landing (maybe 5 made it, one in the water for sure some never left the ground) and with time running out Tater called OMAHA! and we didn’t complete one American Slammer.  My apologies.  A mosey back to the pavilion for COT.       


  • Saturday’s Hop-a-lujah Run at Kros.  Reach out to Lucky if you would like to participate.
  • The Pit new start time at 6am with QSource to follow.
  • The Canyon QSchool on Saturday
  • Convergence on April 24 at the Pit
  • Prayers for injured PAX.   Take the time to reach out to those struggling with not being able to make it out into the gloom.  It is important to stat connected to these HIM. 


The word is tradition.  With The Masters golf tournament starting this morning there has been a lot of talk of tradition which allowed me to reflect on the many traditions that we celebrate, why they are important and what they can mean to the past, now and future.  I remember my dad would make a big deal about watching The Masters and that was a memory or tradition that came with the sounds of Jim Nance, the smell of popcorn and oranges and the crack of a lot of Diet Cokes.  It felt good to go back to that place. 

Traditions can have an emotional connection to a song or a picture in time. It can connect generations to generations.  It is typically something you identify as a positive memory or an event you look forward to. It is something that changes over time as your family, work or friends evolve.  It can also be something that is missed or brings sadness or even separation because of those changes. Our world watched traditions come to a screeching halt last year and many will never return the same. On the flip side many will come roaring back even stronger which takes time, energy and love. In about 2 weeks we will bring back an F3 tradition many of you have never experienced and will be one of the coolest moments for many of us as of late.  

In my opinion, one of the most valuable traditions that was lost last year due to the pandemic was F3’s Ball of Man and at this point the majority of the PAX have no idea what that is or means.  It is where you place your arms around the shoulders of the men standing next to you.  For good reason we have adjusted during covid to kneel separated but as we start to pull out of the pandemic there are opportunities to test the Ball of Man theory again.  I asked the 9 men standing in that circle if they were comfortable doing so to join me in the traditional Ball of Man.  As we locked arms, I immediately felt a connection to the group, to the moment, to my heart.  I felt hope and softness.  There was a sense of peace.  I asked them men to take a moment to reflect quietly on a tradition that they recall or that is important them and then finished with a prayer. 

I am connected by a genuine touch.  This is how I connect with people.  This is my love language and it filled my bucket on this morning.  I know this will take time to fully return and we need to be respectful of each of the PAX with where their comfort is.  With that said, there is a reason the Ball of Man was introduced to F3.  It was recognized that it makes us a little more real, a little more human, a lot more connected to those that are standing next to us each and every morning in the gloom.  It is the future of F3’s heartbeat.   

Thank you as always for allowing me to lead you. 


Tater Tot

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