PAX: Betamax, Brazilian, Stella, Wait Time, Sticky Bandit, Safe Ride, TC, Wide Right, Shocker, Tin Cup, Folsom, Flanders, Samples, and…

Q: Toadstool

Toadstool welcomed PAX to the Coop in the Swanson school parking lot at the top of the hill. The rain was gently misting and all seemed calm. Gave the mission statement, disclaimer, and the Credo.

PAX moseyed around the perimeter of the bottom of the park and to the basketball courts, briefly surveyed the new AO while noticing that the rain was picking up, and circled up…


Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Cherry Pickers – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC (forward and back)

Hillbillies – 20 IC

Pre-Thang 1:  More rain is now falling. An ominous sign. PAX remained in the circle and proceeded to do the following…

ATMs –

-15 Alternating Shoulder Taps

-15 Tempo Merkins

-15 Merkins

To recover we then did 15 smurf jacks (red bull style)

ABCs –

-15 Apollo Onos

-15 Bonnie Blairs

-15 Copperhead Squats

Pre-Thang 2: PAX moseyed to base of Swanson School Hill. There are now puddles forming everywhere and there are squishy sounds when we walk.

Bear Crawl and Chicken Humpers –Bear Crawl up the hill, 20 “chicken humpers” (essentially a monkey humper but while flapping your arms like a chicken), run back down the hill, another 20 chicken humpers at the bottom, rinse and repeat.


PAX remained as a large group and moseyed toward the grassy area by the swings. The rain is now steady…and it’s windy…and it’s cold.

-THANG consists of three exercises (20 arms, 20 legs, and 20 abs), followed by a mosey around the park on the trail, then do it two more times with different sets of each:

1st set:


            -Air Sqauts


2nd set:


            -Step Ups

            -Flutter Kicks

3rd set:

            -Carolina Dry Docks

            -Mountain Climbers

            -Frozen Freddie

Cherry on Top: 10 Burpees


We then moseyed back to the basketball courts, completely drenched and performed…. 

Captain Thor: Ratio of four American Hammers to one Big Boy Sit-up. PAX completed ratio of Captain Thor through 20 American Hammers and 5 Big Boy Sit Ups.

-Our sopping wet clothing made “interesting” sounds as we did Big Boys.


  • COT: “Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbor; act as if you do, and you will presently come to love him.” CS Lewis
    • “Act as if” is a great motto for our lives. And it applies most importantly in our relationships with others. Treat all people, even those you don’t care for, with love. By acting this way, we grow to love those around us.
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