AO: The Trident Pop Up- Sterling Ridge- Maiden Voyage

5:30 AM

Slight breeze 64 degrees

April 6th 2021

PAX- Sparty, Patton, Cheap Seats, Blue Suede, Blackjack, Retweet, Mother Goose, Chucky, Nailed It, Half Shell, Convoy, Panty Hose, Wentworth, Tonight Show, Relish, Flanders, Spacebar, Hard Hat, Room Service, TC, The Big One, Cyclone, Folsom, FDIC, Vandelay

Q: Roadhouse

It felt like the night before my VQ. I laid in bed, restless, anxious, a little nervous. I had Q’d many times since that VQ but this felt different. This was different. In the morning we were doing a Pop Up at a new location. Brand new and I would be the site Q. The official launch would be in a few weeks, April 20th, but this would be the first official F3 workout at this site. It was pretty exciting but I was feeling pressure.

When the alarm eventually rang, my eyes were already open. I rolled out of bed, got dressed and headed out the door. Two minutes later I pulled into the parking lot. I think I’m going to like this location. Its real close…

There was a good sized group there for a pre-run. The only problem… we didn’t have a route. Sparty had mapped out an option the night before and I thought what the heck, lets try it. The group moseyed through the area and we eventually all made it back to the shovel flags in time.

There was a great group gathering. For a pop up I wasn’t expecting a big group but by the time we started, we were at 26 including me. Wow. That is awesome. We had five shovel flags planted in the middle of a large grassy patch in the middle of the lot. They looked good.

I am not sure if I was the only one feeling this on this morning but there seemed to be a certain energy in the air. Excitement about a new site, curiosity, brotherhood, fun. It felt great and I was ready to go!

I welcomed the group and rolled through the F3 intro. Five core principles. Check. Mission. Check. We were off to a good start. Today’s workout would be a tour of the new location. So lets start with a mosey. We headed out from the flags and moseyed to the North West corner of the development. There was a great well lit parking lot waiting for us.

We circled up and got into Warm-a-rama.


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 20 IC

Big Ones 2 ten counts

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

Pickle Pushers 20 IC – make eye contact with someone but not Relish. He had a tank top on and was very intimidating. #beastmode

After Warm-a-rama we moseyed down the hill to the Centris building. We circled up in the parking lot and tried on some Merkin Mania. It fit well…

Merkin Mania X2

10 Merkins

10 Werkins

10 Rangers

10 Diamond

10 chuck Norris

After Merkin Mania we moseyed south. There was some terrific mumblechatter throughout the beatdown. People were talking about the new site. Admiring the space. Discussing possibilities. 45 PAX members approached me during the workout to ask if they could get on the Q schedule. That is pretty cool.

We moseyed past the Muslim temple and continued on to the Christian Church. We circled up and did some legs.

20 Copperhead Squats

20 Bonnie Blairs

20 Jump Squats

20 Slow pitches

20 Bobby Hurleys or Baylor Bears as we called them today.

From there we headed to the bottom of the hill on the far south side of the area. There was a long hill that lying in front of us. Nothing to do but take that hill. We ran up to the top of the hill, did 10 burpees and then ran back down. Shout out to Chucky who did more Burpees at the bottom of the hill and the went and picked up the six.

We were all standing at the mouth of a trail. That trail turned into a bridge that connected the three religious temples. This area was the only Tri-Faith campus of its kind and had a Muslim temple, Christian Church and Jewish Synagogue. This path/bridge connected them. How cool is that?

I asked the PAX to run the length of the bridge and while they did to reflect on someone in their past that they did not welcome into their life. Someone at work, in school, a friend’s spouse… Tonight show would later say the “friend’s spouse” felt very specific. I plead the fifth. This path was all about inclusion and that is what F3 is all about so I encouraged the pAX to reflect on that and when they haven’t done it well in the past.

The sound of the wooden bridge under our feet felt important. The chatter got louder. People were enjoying this. We finished the loop and got back to where we started. I asked The Big One to lead us back to the shovel flags. We passed the housing development and the Synagogue and headed into the business park. We looped around the moseyed back to the flags.

For Mary we did 5 Starfish Crunches  and American Hammers, Rancid Style. The beatdown was over. We did it. The Inaugural pop up. It felt good.

We knocked out Name-a-rama and I asked for announcements and prayers.


Hop-a-lujah event is this Saturday at Kros Strain. Big shout out to Lucky Charms for organizing and for all the Queen Service Guys who killed it this winter.

Lots of pop ups and new sites opening up this month. Support your boys!


Patton needs peace love and understanding. Let’s rally round him.

TC offered a prayer for anyone who is struggling a bit right now.

COT. The Power of Pause

Last week at a family function, my oldest brother and I got into a heated argument that turned into a physical skirmish. It was sad and embarrassing and my mom was heartbroken. My dad was pissed and my son was confused. That night I went for a long run in the rain and reflected on my role. What did I do wrong. The list is longer than I can share here but one things I realized is I am in control of my reactions and I need to be better at that. We have control over only 2 things in this world, what we choose to think and what we choose to do. And that includes how we choose to react.

In F3 we are leaders. At work, at home, in our community. And we have got to be aware of how we react to things because how we react as leaders, gives our teams and the people around us to do the same. And we need to understand that our reactions impact people. We have a lot of influence and our words and our actions make a huge difference.

In my reflection I thought about a lesson I learned years ago about the power of pause. Taking a minute to pause before you react can be the difference between walking away or getting hit in the face by your brother. It can change everything. We need to take a breathe, think and pause. This will prevent from doing and saying stupid things. And quite simply will make us better.

So that is my challenge to you. When you want to say something or do something, pause. Pause and reflect on your response before you deliver it. It can change your life.

I love you guys! This morning was special!


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