Back Blast: Raised from death to life

Date: 2021.04.07

AO: Top Rope

Pax: Doppler, Thor, Moon Man, Nailed It, Relish, Retweet, Fudd, Rancid (DR), Armbar, Hard Hat, Short Sale, Wide Right, Mother Goose, Patten (Respect!), Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 59 degrees, damp and beautiful!

YHC welcomed the solid pax of F3 Omaha to the Top Rope.  The mission and core principles were dispensed.  In retrospect, there’s a good chance the disclaimer was missed. I could see in their eyes this was a legit group of men ready for just about anything… Good thing too… The rain was holding off which meant YHC was going to break out the speaker which could only mean one thing…

Pax took a mosey up to the West Dodge Medical building parking lot to begin…


  • Seal jacks  * 15 IC
  • Windmills * 10 IC
  • high knees * 15 IC
  • Tappy taps * 15 IC
  • Tater taps * 15 IC
  • Lounge Act * 15 IC #CrowdPleaser
  • Blades of steel * 15 IC

Pax took a return run through the parking lot which took us by YHC’s car so I could pick up the music tools.  Pax were informed to get into a merkin position and not whine…At this moment Armbar knew exactly what was about to happen…  

Moby rang out of the speaker and all Pax completed the full song of ‘Flower’ modifying as needed to finish.  Total credit to these HIM.  No complaining, just hushing up and knocking it out.

The Thang:
YHC then explained the 4 man grinder and acknowledged up front there was a good chance it would turn into a group-by-group grinder.  The route was laid out for a lap around the school with 4 stations.  Station 1 completed one exercise round then served as the push group.  They proceeded to relieve group 2 who relieved group 3 who relieved group 4.  Stations 2-4 repeated the exercises until group 1 finished their burpees and relieved them.  With the tunes still jamming the attacked the stations.

Station 1 – Burpee

  • Round 1 – Burpee * 15
  • Round 2 – Burpee Mt Climber * 15
  • Round 3 – Burpee Leap frog * 15
  • Round 4 – Burpee Jump tuck * 15

Arms – Station 2 – By playground

  • Merkins * 15
  • Pull-ups * 10
  • Dips * 15
  • Elevated Carolina Dry Dock * 15
  • Rinse and Repeat

Legs – Station 3 – By building wall

  • Air squats * 15
  • Johnny Drama * 15 IC
  • Bulgarian squat * 10 (single leg squat use wall)
  • Twinkle toes * 15 IC
  • Rinse and Repeat

Core – Station 4

  • Chillcut plank * 20 ct
  • Heels to heaven * 15 IC
  • Star plank * 20 ct
  • Flutter Kick * 15 IC
  • Rinse and Repeat

Station 2-4 were able to get through 2 cycles in the time it took station 1 to complete their single round of burpees.  Most groups did the second round of burpees before Omaha.  This pretty close to what YHC envisioned but had hoped to get further through the burpees.   Next time… Next time…

Omaha was called with time left for Mary.


  • Cindy Crawford * 10 IC each leg
  • Capt – thor * 4 rounds

Our pastor did a great message for Easter Sunday.  If you are a back blast connoisseur you will have seen the BB for WK that mentions that WK is located next to one of the largest natural preserves in NE.  If you haven’t read it… well you should… I love the webster definition of a preserve “To keep and use for a special use”.  To YHC, this really implies the future you are going to, which can seem far away.

I want to remind everyone of your FROM.  Disclaimer:  This is a decidedly Christian message.  In Romans 6 it’s discussed how Christ was raised from death to life.  When you look to what you want to be it can seem a long way off.  But remember there was a time when you crossed FROM where you were to where you were going.  You made a decision, you stopped a painful habit.  You have a FROM which is important.  And when it is hard to keep going where you want.  Remind yourself of your FROM and see how far you have come.

By the way, when you look back to your FROM…. You may see someone else that needs you to help pull them along as you represent the next step they are trying to get to.

Lots of new AO’s doing pop ups this week.  Check them out as they should be awesome.  There is still a Gretna AO coming too so keep your eyes peeled.

Hopalulluia is coming, check slack for details or see Lucky Charms.  This is a pace and a distance for everyone!

There are lots of 3rd F opportunities.  See slack 3rd F channel for the details.

Prayers for Fudd’s sister.

I had a great morning!  This was a fun workout and the company was even better.  Thank you Armbar for the opportunity to lead.

Always proud to be part of this group


Tonight Show

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