Friday, April 2, 2021 | The Combine AO | Kiewit Middle School | 5:15 AM | 30 something degrees
PAX (15): Arm Bar, Fudd, Mufasa, Sister Act, Tonight Show, Speed Square, Blue Suede, Moonman, Roadhouse, Skipper, Ketchup, Relish, Convoy, Sparty, Hard Hat
QIC: Hard Hat

YHC greeted the PAX with the usual intro stuff, along with the disclaimer, and another disclaimer, “pay attention, there may be a test afterwards”. With that, we moseyed to the middle of the football field for Warm-A-Rama.


Alt. Single Leg Deadlift x 10 IC | Alt. Knee to Chest Hug x 10 IC | Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC | Alabama Ass Kickers x 10 IC | Iron Crosses x 10 IC | Mountain Climbers x 20 IC | Apolo Ohno’s x 16 IC

Thang: PAX numbered off into groups of 4 for what was supposed to be a 4 man grinder/relay thing of sorts. This caused a bit of confusion, with 3 groups of 4 and 3 guys left over. Each of the leftover guys was to pick a group and just grab a partner to go through the stations with. Due to the confusion, this resulted in basically a 3 or 4 group grinder (it was difficult to determine if there were actually 3 or 4 groups, because most groups would advance a station before being “pushed”.

Station 1 (East Endzone): Murder Bunny down and back approximately 25 meters

Station 2 (Blacktop @ East end of Track): AMRAP: T-Merkins | Flutter Kicks | Burpees | Monkey Humpers – 200 meter sprint to Station 3.

Station 3 (West end of Track): AMRAP: Burpees | Big Boys | T-Merkins | Deep Squats – 100 meter sprint to Station 4.

Station 4 (Bleachers on South side of track): AMRAP: Dips | Jump Ups | Chicken Peckers/Shoulder Taps | Derkins – Sprint to Station 1.

Around 5:52 Omaha was called, and PAX went back to the shovel flags to circle up for Mary. Mary consisted of 42 American Hammers. The number was not relevant at the time, except maybe for the date being 4/2.

Announcements/Prayers/COT: First Friday lunch. T-claps to Queenservice dudes for completing the challenge. Hopathingy run on 4/10.

Today’s workout was slightly based on the physical fitness test that will be launching at a later date, to be determined, more to come. Test time: “Why do we need a fitness test?” Many answers were revealed: “To set a benchmark for your your fitness progress”, “To push yourself to do more”, etc. etc. All of the answered brought forward by the PAX were great. I thought, that in order to lead in our communities, it meant you needed to be fast at murdering bunnies, and can do a lot of T-Merkins. Maybe those aren’t as important, as the focus on a metric to gauge on self-improvement. This leads to why we do hard things. As we continue to make the choice to do hard things, those things seem to get easier. They aren’t getting easier, the task is the same. We are becoming more adept and the task and it makes completing the task feel easier. As we condition ourselves to handle the hard things better, we need to continue to push ourselves to do the hard things when we can, because it helps us to handle difficult situations “easier” when they arise. Keep choosing to do the hard things when you are able to, you will be better for it.


Hard Hat

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