AO: The Berm​

Date: 04/01/2021​April Fools Day

Weather: A very fine cool day like Providence, Rhode Island.  28 degrees

PAX (12): Skipper, Kill Switch, Thumper, Thor, 2*4, BaySie, Shortsale, Moon Man, Doppler, Wait Time, Relish, Ketchup, Bubbles, Panty Hose, Lloyd, Harry

Guest Q’s: Down Range from Providence, RI, Lloyd Christmas(Mufasa) and Harry Dunne (Night Crawler)

For those that were not there, here is how it all went down:

(With music Playing) Harry followed by Lloyd rode their scooters down from the upper parking lot to the lower parking lot.  Lloyd yelled to Harry, “Hey Harry, we are going the wrong way, Aspen is thatta way.”

Intro: Lloyd welcomed all with a Happy April Fools Day and to the 3F.  Explained what the F’s were and stumbled on the last one, Fitness because he was way off.  Lloyd stated 5 core principles that were totallywrong but Harry was there to correct each one.  

Warmarama: 1.) Lloyd-GodSuns-10 Back and 10 Front IC After God Suns, Harry mentioned his hands were freezing and Lloyd handed him his extra pair of gloves since Lloyd said, “Yea, we are in Nebraska.”  2.) Harry-Pickle Pushers 20 IC, Harry explained that this exercise reminded him of his first GF, Fraida Felcher3.) Lloyd asked Harry, “Fraida Felcher from Cranston?”  Harry – “Yea do you know her?”  Lloyd “OH Yea, speaking of which, 10 IC Oh Yea’s each arm in honor of Fraida”4.) Lloyd started running in place and moving his arms in a rapid pace.  Harry stated “Lloyd we aren’t even to Mary or COT yet, what are you doing?”  Lloyd-“Harry if you move your arms like this, it feels like you are running at an incredible rate of speed, speaking of which, 20 IC”  We only completed 15 IC because it was a lot more exhausting than first thought.  

While doing Warm A Rama-whomever was holding Mary’s briefcase, had to do 10 Overhead press and pass to the next Lucky Guy.  


Counted off into 4 Groups and one person from each group was given a card that had a list of exercises on it.  Mosey’d to the corresponding Pain Station and started the Thang.

The DUMB thing about this THANG was, all Pain Stations were the STEINL.  It was not until the second Pain Station did the PAX realize this and mumble chatter picked up along with groans.

Pain Station 1:  Steinl- Bear Crawl up hill to 2nd cone

Pain Station 2:  Steinl- Lunge walk to 3rd Cone

Pain Station 3:  Steinl- Crab Crawl down hill to 4th Cone

Pain Station 4:  Steinl- Duck Walk up hill and down hill to 1st cone,


We completed 6 rounds of Steinl, which may be a record for F3 Nation.  

Steinl:  30 Second Plank, 30 Second Chilcut, 10 Merkins, 10 Amazing Spider Man(Right Leg), 10 Merkins, 30 Second Plank, 30 Second Chilcut, 10 Merkins, 10 Amazing Spider Man(Left Leg), 10 Merkins

At 6:07, Harry called Omaha and PAX Mosey’d back to the shovel flags for Mary and found Mary’s Briefcase lying in the middle of the parking lot.  

Lloyd knocked Harry’s hat off and Harry turned around and slapped the back of Lloyds legs with his cane, which made Lloyd fall to the ground and yell out Flutter Kicks 15 IC.

Harry- 15 Rosalita’s 

Lloyd-mentioned that he got his nickname, the French Tickler because of Rosalita’s. 

Lloyd- Rancid Style American Hammer 17 IC 

Closing: Asked for Announcements and Prayers:  

COT:  Explained why Harry and Lloyd made an appearance to the Berm this morning.  Since we had such a long, cold, wet winter, we wanted to bring some fun to the Start of a new day and to the Spring which is upon us.  We explained that this Beatdown was to remind us all to joke around a bit especially with what is going on in the world right now.  We were serious with the workout, but we still were able to have a fun time with it.  Or at least I think we had a fun time…..It was kind of dumb to do that many Steinls during a workout so Crack a DUMB joke and have fun even if it means you act like a FOOL.      

Wait Time Closed us out in Prayer

SYITG! – Mufasa, Nightcrawler

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