Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: Use the Tools Around You!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | 5:30am | 64 degrees

PAX: E85 (hate!), Othello, Buns of Steel, Spreadsheet (hate!), Two Step, Icy Hot, Slow Pitch, Port-a-John, Dome, Uhaul, Sticky Bandit, Grillz, Sister Act

Q: Sister Act

YHC welcomed the 12 PAX, gave the mission and five principles, and noted that he was not a professional. Today was going to be about different kinds of tools – immediately each HIM made the obvious joke, and we then moseyed to the turf area under the strings of lights.

In honor of what some consider the best tape measure out there (YHC included), the 25’ Stanley Fat Max, we did 25 of each exercise for Warmarama. In honor of a friend who only uses rulers, we also did 12 of other exercises.

WARMARAMA:• SSH (25 IC)• Goofballs (25 IC)• Sungods (10fwd IC, 10bwd IC), Chinooks (5 IC)• Tappy Taps (12 IC)• Big Ones (12 IC)

After Warmarama, PAX moseyed to the benches by the playground. (You have to keep a workbench tidy when working on projects!)

PRE-THANG:• Derkins (15, 13, 10)• Dips (15, 13, 10)• Completed three rounds

Another priceless tool with many uses is the speed square. Our “Speed Square” was literally a square of four stations that we would rotate through in four groups. PAX counted off and were challenged to take the speed element seriously. This was designed for quick, constant blasts of exercise – sure to burn the lungs and muscles. 

THANG:• Station One – push groupo 10 burpeeso Sprint to next station• Station Two – AMRAP one exercise per rotationo Makhtar N’Diayeso Groinerso Mountain Climberso Side Shuffle to next station• Station Three – AMRAP one exercise per rotationo Air Squatso Jump Squatso Alternating Lungeso Sprint to next station• Station Four – AMRAP one exercise per rotationo Werkinso Ranger Merkinso Alternating Amazing Spiderman Merkinso Side Shuffle to next Station

When it was clear that everyone had had enough, and when the appropriate time showed on the watch, Omaha was called. PAX circled up on their six for Mary, where we utilized some more household tools – perhaps more common than those previously noted. 

MARY:• Scissors (Kicks) (10 IC)• Box Cutters (10 IC)• (American) Hammers (Rancid)

PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS: • Port-a-John: friend Ryan in hospital, friend Kevin’s wife’s death• Two Step: for Jeff’s innocence and justice to be done• Annc: New sites! Step up and Q!• Annc: Hop-a-luia next Saturday• Annc: Queen Service lunch – Inerrail – all welcome


​So to get a project done, you have to have the right tools. Today we used work benches, a speed square, scissors, box cutter, hammer, etc – all to complete something. I was recently working on a project with a friend of mine, and we just didn’t have the right tools to get the job done. In that case, the best thing we could do was stop, press pause, and go buy the right tool. It kind of felt like a break in the momentum, but it was the right call.

​Here’s the thing – and I’m speaking personally – too often it’s a little intimidating to admit that I need to pause, ask for help, get the right tools I need. I figure I can probably just figure it out on my own – but when I’m left to my own devices, my projects – my goals – don’t end up working out right. 

​That’s what I love about F3. There’s no pretense. I could ask any of you guys for help with something and you’d jump at the chance to do so. The support and camaraderie that exists in F3 is something we should grab hold of – because too many men just try to build stuff by themselves, not realizing that they might have tools standing right next to them. (Yeah, I just called you all tools.) It’s not a break in momentum, it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s using the amazing tools that exist all around us.

​One last thought – and again, I’m speaking personally – but Jesus talks about being a vine, and us being branches on that vine. I’ll just say this – wherever your relationship with the Sky Q is, I firmly believe that if we stay close to the vine – if we look to him for our strength and guidance – he’ll help us finish things really well. Much better than if we tried to finish them on our own.

Aye! Sister Act.

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