April 2, 2021|Burke Highschool | AO – Golden Spike | Cool 42°

PAX:  Vandelay, Golden Pike, Retweet, Doppler, Broadside, Tuner, Grease Fire, Saul, Wide Right, Wentworth, Dirty Bird, Patton, Kielbasa, Merch, TC, Mother Goose, Z-bo, Short Sale, Biff, PantyHose, Chucky, Tater Tot, Blue Chip, Slow Pitch, Double Nickle, Spacebar, Cheap Seats, Black Flag      

Q: Black Flag

Welcomed 28 PAX to a cool, clear morning at Golden Spike. Black Flag explained the mission of F3, covered the 5 core principles, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed.  He then instructed each PAX to grab a coupon (modified with duct tape to be a “basket”).

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed up to the west parking lot for warm-a-rama.  They set their coupon down and ran a lap around the lot.  Then they grabbed their coupon and circled up in the middle of the lot.

  • Don Quixote IC (15)
  • Tappy Tap IC (15)
  • Sun gods IC (10 each direction)
  • Jump Squats on down (20)

2 – The Thang (Easter Egg Hunt)

4 Stations with a specific mosey between each.  PAX earned 1 egg at each station which they put into their coupon basket.  The PAX with the most would win a prize.  Any dropped eggs are fair game to pick steal.

  1. Combo Merkin (10, L+R=1) 
    1. Murder Bunnies to station 2
  2. Burpee Block Jump Over (10, L+R=1)
    1. Rifle Carry to station 3
  3. Curl Press (20)
    1. Lunges to station 4
  4. Windshield Wiper (10, L+R=1)
    1. Shoulder Carry to station 1

At 6:02 Omaha was called and we circled up in the middle of the lot for Mary.  Black Flag noted that he appreciated that we rename the Russian twist to American hammer but he doesn’t appreciate that we don’t use hammers.  Therefore, we used coupons:

  • American hammer with coupon 28 IC rancid style

The Q asked who had gathered the most eggs; Z-bo was the winner with 10.  He was awarded a giant Reeses Easter egg.


Patton shared Nemo’s success that he completed a mile run in under 5 minutes.

Queen Service – ending today.  T-claps to everyone involved.

Grow-ruck coming up

First Friday lunch today at First Rail.

Prayer Requests

Thanks for Mac n Cheese and his wife’s new baby.

COT “What is your why?”

The Q’s church spent this year reading through the New Testament.  While reading the gospel of John he came across John’s account of the resurrection and noted something.  While Mary was the first to arrive at the tomb (women often beat men to the punch), it was John and Peter who raced to the Tomb after she reported what she found.  In John’s account he saw fit to note that he “outran Peter” and was the first to arrive at the empty tomb.  The Q said this stuck out to him as the first backblast ever written (2000 years ago) as John made a point of recording the winner of the race.

Not to be outdone, a few days later when Jesus appears on the shore to a group of disciples out fishing, Peter is the one to jump into the water and swim 100 yards to be first ashore.   

What was the Q’s point in sharing this? Peter & John both had some level of physical fitness that allowed them to take steps of faith and experience amazing things.  The Q explained he has never been a huge fitness junkie and he doesn’t experience the “high” others talk about after working out.  Instead, it was his declining fitness (and ongoing invites from a few key men) that led him to attend F3.  As he has gotten older he wakes up with aches and pains that last all day.  He tries to get his kids going in a game of pick-up basketball and ends up winded.  He helps push a car out of the snow and feels it for days afterward.  He no longer wanted this lack of fitness to prevent him from these types of experiences.

The Q challenged the PAX to identify their own “why.”  Maybe they do experience the adrenaline rush of working out (if so, good for them).  But eventually that will fade.  What in the second and third F is their reason for pushing the first F

The Q lead in a closing prayer.  Everyone was invited to Coffeteria at Stories.  Many of the PAX stuck around to help the Q load up his coupons.


Black Flag

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