Back Blast // The Colosseum // March 30, 2021 //  Westside HS // Your Life is Now


  • 40 degrees with a brisk north breeze.
  • PAX= 36: Bloodshot, Kill Switch, Polaroid, Space Bar, Super Tasty, Huffy, Toadstool, Left Seat, Dome, Wentworth, Sparty, The Plague, Sow Pitch, Chiclets (respect), Black Flag, Vandelay (respect), Stick Bandit, Stink Bait, Tuner, Safe Ride, Stella, Folsom, Grease Fire, Icy Hot, Mother Goose, Roll Bar, Mac -n- Cheese, Blue Chip, Zebow,  Cheap Seats, Sven, Tater Tot, Wait-Time, Ice T.

VQ:  Retweet

  • YHC welcomed PAX to THE Colosseum promptly at 5:30 am with the 5 core principals, mission statement and disclaimer that the Q is only a semi-professional.  No FNGs were present.  Retweet stated that he, like several others in the group, was born in a small town in Nebraska. As such, this beatdown was going to incorporate John Mellencamp, who was part of the soundtrack of his youth. 

The gates were open so Mosey commenced around the track in a orderly fashion.

Warm-A-Rama at midfield;

  • Big Ones – 17 IC
  • Tappy Taps – 17 IC
  • SSH – 17 IC
  • Sun Gods F/B -17 IC

Mellencamp’s first song comes into play with a lap on the inside of the track – with AUTHORITY.

  • Pre-Thang: Merkin Wave (not sure if that it is a real name).  PAX started in plank.  The first PAX did a Merkin and we worked in a CCW direction while the remaining PAX held the plank.  Slow Pitch suggested we do 4 rounds, we compromised on 8, then 10 did full revolutions.  Much Mumblechatter was heard along with several groans.  Mellencamp = Hurts so Good.

The Thang:

PAX counted to form groups of roughly 6 and lined up on the south goal line.  Three PAX then proceeded to run to the 17 yard line and back to the goal, the 35 yard line and back, then to the 48 and back.  The other 3 PAX performed max reps of the following while alternating with the runners:




Air squats

Side arm plank

Imperial walkers

Side arm plank – the other side

At 6:01am OMAHA was called and we returned to midfield for Mary:

  • Heels to Heaven -17 on the up
  • Flutter kicks led by Tater Tot – 35
  • Cherry Bombs (Starfish crunch) – 17 on the open
  • American Hammers -48 in honor of today being the Q’s 48 birthday


Queen Service – ending this week, keep up the great work and donate a few pounds if possible.

First Friday lunch this week at First Rail.

Queen Service run on 4/10/21.


Mac n Cheese and his wife are having a baby in the next day.

Left Seat’s father is going to start Chemo/radiation


The reason we ran 17 then 35 yards today is because the song Cherry Bomb goes “17 has turned 35 and I’m surprised that we’re still living”.  For those of the group that are not 35 yet, enjoy it.  For all of us, we have at some point in our lives made a choice or decision that we can look back on and we say “how did we make it through that”, but we did and we are still here.  Today’s workout was meant to be hard and when you finished you should feel tired, but 17 turned into 35 and you were able to keep going. At some point in the near future when you are dealing with something difficult you should be able to remember this workout and that you were able to make it through it and you are better off for being here today. 

The 2nd point is that as the Q as accumulated age, he finds himself looking back in time like Mellencamp at the good old days of his youth – hanging out with his boys, playing ball, being young and married – then as he has become older he thinks about different things – his kids, wife, career and retirement, etc.  It is good to reminisce and to imperative to look ahead but as Mellencamp says “your life is now”.

A special emphasis in the prayer was made to thank all PAX for coming out to this VQ and for the mission of F3.  We are all better mentally, physically and spiritually as part of this group.  We pray that many more can experience what we have here in OMAHA.



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