AO: Wild Kingdom

Date: 03/23/2021

Weather: A very fine day.  Sprinkles at first and then a little harder rain by COT time, 50 degrees

PAX (12): Ketchup, Moon Man, Skipper, Arm Bar, FDIC, Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Barn Door, Cutting Edge, The Curse, Thomas   

Q: Mufasa

Welcome: Thanked all for coming and instructed everyone to start with SUN GODS.  Stated the 5 core principles.    


Mosey’d to the Parking lot by the dock with a coupon……A lot longer of a Mosey than I remember

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Seal Claps 10 IC

Overhead Seal Claps-At least 10 IC

Mosey’d to the Shed

Wall Sit-Each HIM called out a 5 second count while that HIM held out the coupon in front of them.  

Balls to the Wall – 5 second count around the horn 

Wall Sit-This time we did a 3 second count around the horn

Balls to the Wall – 3 second count

Split into 2 groups.

One group stayed at the Picnic Table and the other group mosey’d over to the Picnic table area near the shovel flags.

Each station had a list of exercises.

The Station near the shovel flags was the push station and used the Coupons to complete, after each Round, the push station would mosey without coupon to station 2 and switch.   

Station 1 with coupons, push station

Round 1: 18 Curls, 8 Overhead Press, 3 Lunges and 30 Leg Lifts

Round 2:  30 Curls, 18 Overhead Press, 8 Lunges and 3 Leg Lifts

Round 3:  3 Curls, 30 Overhead Press, 18 Lunges and 8 Leg Lifts

Station 2 without coupons

Round 1: 18 Dips, 8 Step ups, 3 Derkins and 30 Gas Pumpers on the bench(table)

Round 2:  30 Dips, 18 Step ups, 8 Derkins and 3 Gas Pumpers on the bench(table)

Round 3:  3 Dips, 30 Step ups, 18 Derkins and 8 Gas Pumpers on the bench(table)

Rinse and repeat all until the push group

At 6:04, entire PAX Mosey’d back to Station 1

Completed Round 3 with coupon and called Omaha

Completed 59 American Hammers in Rancid style for Mary

Closing: Asked for Announcements and Prayers:  

COT:  Explained why the random number of Reps.  The Reps represented the numbers in the dates me parents came to America from Ireland.  3 for March, 8 for the day for my Dad, 18 for my Mom and 30 was 30 years after moving here, they became Citizens.  59 represented the # of years my Mom has been here.  WE LIVE IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN the WORLD.  I know, we have issues, we have problems, but when you put everything together that we have and what we have to offer, we are the Greatest Country in the World.  We can’t let this go to the wayside or else, we won’t be, and it is a slap in everyone’s face that fights everyday for us and for those that chose America instead of any other country.  We can do better but we are GREAT.  

Closed us out in Prayer

SYITG! – Mufasa

SIDE NOTE.  DON’T TURN THE CORNER TOO HARD AT VIDLAKS.  It will cost you………to be exact $3904!

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Wild Kingdom

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