Top Rope not Tight Rope: Act your way into thinking

3/31/21. Top Rope AO | Adrich Elementary

29 PAX: Roadhouse, Tube Socks, Wide Right, Plague, Sister Act, Chucky, Hard Hat, Uhaul, Doppler, Bayside, Tater Tot, Barn Door, Frosty, Pantyhose, Grease Fire, Wait Time, Bubbles, Sparty, Big One, LPC, Lay-Z-Boy, Flanders, Retweet, Second Chance, Thor, Moon Man, Kill Switch, Kielbasa, Slow Pitch

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather:  29ish, perfect clear sky, some moon light, stars and the sound of the expressway. 

The Q showed up a little before 5am to see some HIM gathering for their pre-run, this always is such a beautiful thing to pull up to, as there are typically smiling men chatting a bit. The men split into two groups at 5 and 3 studs (Doppler, Frosty and Grease Fire) broke off to do a lower geared jog. Slow Pitch ran with those three for a bit, carrying cones to get ready for this morning’s beatdown. The three continued down the path while the Q went off road to the opening West of the school a cone was set there, then another about ¼ of a mile to the South on the other side of the expressway. He then circled back to the school and set up 4 cones in a square 30 yards apart from each other (he actually stepped the distance off multiple times, due to some unresolved OCD issues. 

Slow Pitch, then returned to the shovel flags, where he noticed that the Nantan’s flag was looking quite sad. The Nantan “fixed” his flag with a shoelace and it just doesn’t have the strength the keep it taught. Luckily for that little fella, the Q put a flag repair kit (zip ties) in his vehicle the night before.

Here we go: Men gathered, the Q stated the mission statement, he’s not a professional and got 7 out of the 5 principles right. He then called for the 3 HIM that are considered Clydesdales to lead the way. The Q loves having these men in front, since they typically have a different view and lead from the center or the rear of the PAX. Today we follow them!

Start with Mosey to field: Sixes in the Front


The Q yelled out to Big One: 1 or 2? He said 2!

Ok then, 25 Jump Tucks!

Mosey to cone on south side of Dodge, following Clydesdales, now including Uhaul!  Shit Yeah!

Q asked someone luck? Blue or Green? 

Not certain what the answer was, so 25 Jump Tucks!

Mosey back to first cone. Clydesdales may not have been at the tip of the spear on this jog. Circle up.

Hey, Wait Time: Right or left? Right!

Ok, rotating 25 Jump Tucks to the right. Dammit these are dumb! Apparently other PAX members don’t participate in the rotation portion of the exercise. To this the Q says “you’re missing out.”

Sparty, may have asked if there was a 10-count needed. Yep.

Mosey back to field by school and circle up.

Hey Tube Socks: Cadbury Eggs or Beef Jerky? Combo!

Ok, 25 Jump Tucks!

Next the Q Fumbled words and tried to explain there was a pre thang, anyway: 


Groiner-Sprint: Line up at cones; 20 Groiners on up together, then sprint to other side of field. Turn around get set online for coming back; 20 Groiners, sprint back.

Backwards X 2: Altogether backward bunny hops over field through cones, then back (During the first run someone went down, not certain who, but raise your hand if it was you).

Squat Ladder:  One Air Squat, one Broad Jump, two Air Squats, two Broad Jumps, three Air Squats, three Broad Jumps… building up until crossing the plane of the next set of cones. Line up and backward mosey across field. 

Thang: Partner up.

​One partner doing one exercise (x1) at the same time as the other doing a second exercise (x2). Reverse ladder. One Pax does 10 burpees while partner does 20 squats, then flapjack. 10 burpees, 20 squats, flapjack, 9 burpees 18 Squats, flapjack, 9 burpees, 18 Squats, continue 2(8B-16S), 2(7B-14S), 2(6B-12S), 2(5B-10S), 2(4B-8S), 2(3B-6S), 2(2B-4S), 2(1b-2S).

And now back up until Mary at 6:05

​Big Boys: 50

Announcements and Prayers: Mac N Cheese having a baby!! 


I received this from a 20+ year friend: So, I’m thinking I’d like to make some improvements this year personally. Try to make some moves to be a better person, parent, partner, etc. as I value your thoughts on things, I am wondering if in your travels you’ve come across a therapist or the like that would work? I went and found a place on google and went last week but it wasn’t really what I am after. I don’t want to sit and mindlessly go over my shit. I want to be pushed and challenged. I think I’d more prefer a life coach, but I don’t think insurance going to cover that.

There is so much in his text and it really hit me in the feels. Thisis what so many of us are trying to discover or find before we get here. We know there is something out of alignment, but just don’t know what it exactly is. We think we’re originally, here for the fitness, then we accidentally can get pulled into the fellowship and then participating community improvement. From my experience, my life positively changed when I startedto show up on a regular basis. I would have conversations with HIM before, during and after workouts. I’d share a piece of myself and them, themselves. I read Free to Lead, started to goQ Source discussions and volunteered at extraordinary community programs. All of these items, my good friendpresented, were and have been organically covered. We don’t know what will happen when we show up to our first workout, but if we stay great changes can occur. With action comes better thinking and behavior. We cannot think our way into better action, but we can act our way into better thinking, by showing up and getting involved. I ask you:  What are you doing to be involved?

Grease Fire prayed us out.

You guys have no idea how much fun Slow Pitch has leading.He hopes that he displays the love he has for the PAX through his enthusiasm, confusing and nonsensical jibberish, and dumb exercises. He is so humbled to be a part of something so special.- Slow Pitch

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