Back Blast: Invest your time
Date: 03.26.2021
AO: The Combine

Pax: Pantyhose, Cataracts, Kill Switch, Thor, Boiling Point, Skipper, Chucky, Italian Job, LPC, Second Chance, Tube socks, Patten (Respect!), Fudd, Moon Man, Sparty, Hard Hat, Mac-n-Cheese, Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 32 degrees.. The air was still, fog was on the ground, and it was felt cooler than one would have thought.  The gloom was in full effect

YHC welcomed 18 Pax to the gloom at The Combine.  This was my time on the Q at the Combine but that only served to increase the anticipation.  All pax were greeted with the mission statement, core values and the disclaimer.  Included the all important choice of verbiage.  Yesterday at a beatdown the Q said, “I’m not a professional and no one else here is either.”  In my head, I thought, speak for yourself bro.  I’m a professional just not at this. 😉 I jest… I jest… anyway.  Time was ticking so it was time for a discombobulating mosey around the parking lot which threw off the muscle memory of many pax in attendance.

We stopped under a parking lot light and began the:


  • Imperial Walkers IC * 20
  • Blades of steel IC * 20
  • Tappy taps * 20

Time was precious so we ended quickly and returned to YHC’s trunk where coupons were awaiting the unsuspecting pax.  Tunes were cranked up and it was time for…

The Thang:

The thang consisted of a three man grinder with pax working from sideline to sideline on the football field.  The runner would stop in the middle to complete some core and glutes before continuing on to relieve their partner on the other sideline.

3 man grinder

Sideline 1: AMRAP

  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Squats
  • Moroccan Night Club
  • Burpees
  • Cherry Pickers


  • LBCs * 20/Hip Thrusters * 20

Sideline 2: Coupons

  • Lunge twist
  • Curls
  • Clean and Press
  • Menegi-Merkin
  • Single Arm Row (May need to be bent over row)

Rinse and Repeat

Most pax made it through 1 full round and began the next round.  Alas time was ticking and OMAHA! was called!  Pax kindly returned the coupons to YHC’s trunk and with time a wasting proceeded to Mary.


  • Cindy Crawfords * 10 IC
  • Starfish Crunch * 10 IC
  • Rosalita * 10 IC
  • Heel touches * 10 IC


The hustle of time was a constant through the beatdown.  YHC has been convicted lately of how my time has been spent.  There is a constant pressure to do more in less time and honestly it’s exhausting.  The clock rules the day.  Plauttus is quoted as saying “The Gods confound the man who first found how to distinguish the hours.  Confound him, too who in this place set up a sundial to cut and hack my days so wretchedly into small pieces.  I can’t even sit down to eat unless the sun gives leave.  The town’s so full of these confounded dials…”

We live in a world where EVERYTHING wants your attention.  Because of the barrage of notifications, we are being distracted from distraction by distraction.  

Do you live deliberately?  Do you treat your time like the precious commodity that it is?  Have you recently said no to getting on the floor and playing? When did you last say No to your kids then asked why did I say no to that?  Has your child every said, “why are you staring at your phone”?  Has your wife tried to talk to you while you were checking F3 NaR videos and you missed what she said?  Have you said something to her and she missed what you said while scrolling IG?  

Before I digress this isn’t about her…It’s about you.

Think about how your life is divided into pieces.  Think of how you wait to do something until the “time is right” and then remind yourself that every yes is a thousand no’s.

When work ends today I want you to think about how you divide the rest of the night and say yes to investing your time into something that really matters.  I’m going to say yes to movie night with kids and snuggling them on the couch with a belly full of pizza.

Lots of new AO’s will be opening in the next 4 weeks.  Be on the look out for and accept the ‘Follow’ requests on Twitter from all the new weird named accounts you will be receiving.

Praise for the kiddos in OPS that are getting out to play sports again for the first time since the Winter of 2019/2020.  They are so excited and living their best life.

Mac-n-cheese shared some great news!  Prayers for the radical blessing coming for his family.

Moleskine: I honestly love F3 and the kind of guys it attracts.  When YHC includes music in a beatdown a different kind of disclaimer is usually given to say if you don’t like the music… I don’t care.  Lead the next beatdown.  Totally forgot the disclaimer today and got complimented on the music selection.   There could be something there.

Sparty is a HIM of the highest order.  He checked in with me throughout the week and after to ensure I felt comfortable with the AO and the nuances there.  He followed up afterward.  I’m not the sort who needs encouragement and I’ve definitely done this before, BUT it was nice to get the little bits of encouragement throughout the week.  Thank you Sparty and thank you for the opportunity to lead!

Always proud to be part of this group

Tonight Show

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