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PAX: Slow Pitch, The Plague, Chucky, Bubbles, Pot Hole, Panty Hose, Sgt. Slaughter, Blue Suede, Huffy, Stink Bait, Vandelay (RESPECT!), Crab Cakes, Yodel, Slick, Cheap Seats, The Big One, No Doze, Moon Man, Lazy Boy, Reed (FNG – Supertramp), Ketchup, Blue Chip, Zamboni, Tonight Show, Lemon Law, Hard Hat, Convoy, Water Boy, Grillz, Roadhouse, Sparty, Skipper, Retweet, 2 x 4, and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed 34 PAX to The Oracle on a beautiful March morning. We covered the mission, principles and disclaimer. YHC asked when walking down a road and seeing a turtle on a fence post, what can you conclude? The Big One nailed it: The turtle didn’t get there by itself. That is the message today. What High Impact Men in your life have raised you up to the fence post? Today’s workout requires a partner, because we never go alone in F3 or in life.

As I planned the workout, I thought about the #HIMS in my life. One being Sacked in Greensboro. I co-Qed with Sacked for my VQ in February 2016. Today’s workout is my VQ from Cornwallis Nightmare in Greensboro.

PAX moseyed to the CIT parking lot for Warm-A-Rama.


Don Quixote x 15 IC | Sun Gods x 10 IC (Forward & Backward) | Hillbillies x 20 IC | Lucky 5s (Diamond Merkins x 5), Merkins x 5, Werkins x 5) | Lucky 5s (Diamond Merkins x 5), Merkins x 5, Werkins x 5) | SSH x 20 IC | Peter Parker x 20 IC | Silent SSH x 15 IC | Burpees x 5

PAX moseyed to Methodist Surgery Center Parking lot.


PAX divided into four groups. They began with 5 burpees and then did Plank Hurdles down and back in the parking lot before YHC called Omaha! Mercy leadership.

PAX moseyed to the front of Aldrich Elementary.


PAX partnered with someone and proceeded to do a series of pain stations and routines.

Partner A: Balls To the Wall | People’s Chair | Balls To the Wall | People’s Chair
Partner B: Derkins x 15 | Dips x 15 | Step Ups x 15 (four rounds)

Partner A held BTTW or People’s Chair while Partner B completed the three exercises. Partners flap-jacked when Partner B completed the three exercises.

Mosey to basketball court.

Partners completed Wheelbarrow & Open Wheelbarrow (down and back [South to North]). Both forms.

Bear Crawl (down [South to North]) and Crab Walk back to school. Felt easy after Wheelbarrow and Open Wheelbarrow.

PAX moseyed to front of Aldrich Elementary. Partnered resumed pain station:

Partner A: Balls To the Wall | People’s Chair | Balls To the Wall | People’s Chair
Partner B: Derkins x 10 | Dips x 10 | Step Ups x 10 (one round)

Partner A held BTTW or People’s Chair while Partner B completed the three exercises. Partners flap-jacked when Partner B completed the three exercises.

Mosey to basketball court for 6MOM.

Six Minutes of Mary:
Flutter Kicks x 15 IC | LBCs x 15 IC | Box Cutters x 15 IC | X and O x 10 | American Hammers x 35 IC (Rancid style)

Expansion/Starfish Growth: Six new sites will be launched in the next month. T-Claps to current and future Site Qs. None of this happens without leadership.

Third Anniversary Convergence. Watch for announcement about Third Anniversary Convergence at the Pit on April 24. This will celebrate F3Omaha’s three years of existence.

Half Marathon. Monthly Pop-Up Half Marathon is tomorrow. Many distances possible. Details on Slack.

Panty Hose Cycling Event. Panty Hose is leading a 200 mile cycling event that raises money and awareness for human trafficking. If interested in volunteering for event, donating money or riding – contact Panty Hose.

Relish isolating after COVID exposure.

COT: Turtle on the Fence Post.

I had this date circled on my calendar for some time now. Eight years ago this morning, I learned that my dad had passed away. He was 60 years old, and was in a rehab facility after a hospitalization. He was strengthening his health with a plan to be discharged and possibly move to Greensboro to live with us. He did not want to go to the rehab. When my brother called, he said “Dad is gone.” I asked “Where did he go?” He wasn’t in great health, but his death was unexpected. He was expected to strengthen his health and return home and eventually join us in NC.

My dad was the first man in my life who continually placed be on the fence post. He died young. For most of his life, he was an intense, driven man. As he grew older, he softened and became a very kind, compassionate man. I wish I could have spent more years with the kind, compassionate version of my dad.

For me, F3 has filled that void of my dad. I have been blessed to be surrounded by kind, compassionate men who seek to become better leaders and better people. I am so grateful that the HIM are in my life.

This week the universe has really spoken to me. Other really important HIM have reached out to me. These were men who picked me up off the ground and put me on the fence post. Yesterday, I received an email from Wojo – the original Nant’an in Greensboro. F3Omaha owes so much to Wojo. People ask me how we learned our approaches that we use in F3 and why F3 has flourished in Omaha. I explain to them that we learned from the very best. It began with Wojo in Greensboro.

After reading Wojo’s email, Tommy Boy, Greensboro’s current Nant’an, called me. Tommy Boy EH’d me. I would have never learned about F3 without Tommy Boy. He continues to be a friend, inspirational leader and HIM in my life. Tommy Boy traveled to Omaha when we first launched and led a workout for us. He continues to influence our PAX and me.

I spoke with Sacked yesterday evening. Sacked is another HIM man from GSO. He co-q’d with me during my VQ. He led F3Omaha’s very first workout. He still could name some of the PAX he led that day, and wanted to know how they were doing. He asked me about Waffle House, who he has never met in person. He said Waffle House has inspired him despite never meeting him in person.

At my first post in Greensboro. Sacked was the guy who walked over to a stranger who was feeling very awkward and nervous and sincerely welcomed me to the group. He was curious about me and wanted to know personal details about me. For those of you who don’t know Sacked, he is Roadhouse (Welcoming) + Vandelay (#Respect PAX, earnest and a little reserved) + Tater Tot (loves the PAX with all his heart).

You meet Sacked and you want to be a better person – not because he expects it but because he exudes all the attributes you wish to embody.

I am grateful for all the PAX who have picked me up and placed me on the fence post. I could go on and on with stories about Tater Tot, Brazilian, The Big One, Ponzi, Honey Stinger, Khakis, Roadhouse, Selleck, Tonight Show and many, many others. Small acts of kindness mean a lot.

Today, let’s reach out to those people who have picked us up from the ground and placed us on the fence post.

YHC closed with a prayer,

Grace & Peace,
Wait Time

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