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Good Morning and Welcome to F3 Heavy Metal – undeniably the strongest AO in Omaha.  F3 stands for Fitness – Fellowship and Faith.  My name is Samples and I am not a professional but I’m pretty proficient in the second two.  The mission of F3 is to plant grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  The five core principle of F3 are:

It’s Free

Open to all men

Always held outside rain or snow or sleet or hail

Led in a rotating fashion

Always ends in a circle of trust

No Pre or WarmaRama

Let’s Run to the Hill

Get in Groups of 3

One member goes to the top of the hill and starts working on 100’s

Here – Workens and then Carolina Dry Docks 

There (top of the hill)- Hydrolic Squats and then Alternating Lunges

Move at 5:40 to Flags

Plank Hip Touches – or Folsom’s Instagram Poses 20 IC

Creepy Corner

Here – 100 Monkey Humpers IC and then 100 Pickle Pushers IC

There (up the hill to the sign) – 100 Mountain Climbers (Count right foot as 1) and then 100 Oh Yeahs

5:55. Move to the Grotto

Here – 100 Dips and then 100 Derkins

There (in the parking lot) – 100 Burpies

6:07 Move to the Flags

Flutter Kicks 20 IC

‘Merican Hammers (one for each HIM to lead)


Prayer Requests


Share the Path starting with 

One Cloudy Day

I can’t really remember if I was dreaming this or if it was more like a daydream.  I just remember it; vividly.  During the days of coaching and farming and teaching and going back to school and being a dad and a rare occasion being a husband, I learned that there are certain times of the year that I had to watch myself.  In farming, it was either after planting or harvesting.  At school, it was after basketball season.  Whatever the occasion, there came times in my life that were really intense.  I focused all my energy on that situation and then it is over.  What is left is a body driven to accomplish the next step, and many times, I had no idea what was the plan.

I remember being between either planting, harvesting, or basketball season when I started to fall into depression again.  Like I mentioned before, I don’t remember if it was in a dream or just spacing off, but what I saw was definitely real.  I remember walking along watching my steps.  I was not focusing on my surroundings but just watching myself put one foot ahead of the other.  Then I looked up.  I saw nothing.  There was a huge, dense fog surrounding me.  Panic engulfed me not because I couldn’t move, but I didn’t know where I was let alone where I was supposed to go.  I started trying to find my way back to the path but realizing the more I walked the further away I got.  I remember staying in that state for a while, long enough to drop every guard and finally say out loud, “Jesus, please help me.”  Just then, I voice strong enough to be heard or more like the feeling came from all around me or maybe deep within my soul said, “TURN AROUND”.  

Without question, I turned around and could not believe what I saw.  I was standing on a mountain trail that followed a swift moving stream.  I could see all the turns and twists to the trail and the view was breathtaking.  Next to the stream were trees trying to reach over the stream and just not quite making it.  There was a low roar of water moving not so much quickly as it was just powerful.  There was a cobblestone path that was at times right next to the water and other times meandering through the trees.  It was the truest and purest form of the word breathtaking I could ever use.  It was more than just a path.  It was more than just a moving body of water.  There was a personal connection to this whole place, time, – it just seemed that it was all made for me.   All at once it hit me – this trail was my trail.  I remembered the decisions I made to get me to this point.  I remembered the times I really needed God’s help for direction and He guiding me back to the rocky path.

Just as I started smiling seeing the familiar again, I turned back around to start forging up the mountain only to realize that the fog was back.  I felt like I was in two different worlds.  Frustration set in and my long lost friend, Worry, was back as strong as ever.  I turned back and once again I saw the mountain scene with all the peace I could have ever asked for.  This time when I turned to face forward, I knew what to expect.  I allowed my body and soul to be kidnapped by the fog as it covered my eyes.  Then once more His Voice came back.  “Look down.”  I turned my eyes to my feet and then I saw it.  It looked like a small reflection of light at the bottom of some really dirty dishwater; but I saw it.  Just then, the words of Amy Grant’s song from psalms came to me; “Thy Word is a lamp unto thy feet and light unto thy path.”  

Just then, the voice came back for His finale, “Trust Me.”  I took the step to the lighted rock and it felt solid, and I noticed how surefooted I felt.  As I landed on the light up rock through all the fog, the next step lit up and the one I was on went out.  

I really felt like God was telling me that I do not need to know where He is taking me as long as I trust in Him. Every once in a while, I forget to trust in Him and He will remind me to look back and there is my life in all of its glory. The glory goes to God as He got me through those times and back on the right path.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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