Thursday 3/18 Ketchup VQ

Today was a day that will forever live in infamy…not for the sole reason that it was my VQ but also because it marked the one year anniversary of F3Omaha shutting down for 50 days due to COVID.  To ‘celebrate’ we enjoyed a beatdown inspired by our brothers from the south.

5:30: VQ called a start to the Beatdown.  He shockingly remembered the mission and values on the first time through and reminded those that he was not a professional and that people should modify as necessary.  After the formalities we mosey’d down to the basketball court for the Pre-Thang


For the Prethang we ran though some typical big ones, tappy taps, sun gods and cherry pickers to get loosened up for the pending discomfort. 


For The Thang the Q explained that we were going to work through 8 exercises.  Following each exercise the group would run to a nearby way point and back.  Once back the group had to plank until the 6 was in…which 8 out of 8 times was the Q. 

To start off the festivities we blasted AC/DC through the Q’s little man speaker for 4:29 seconds of Thunderstruck – side straddle hops for the duration of the song with burpee mixed in everytime the work Thunder was said.

From there we cycled through Merkins, LBC’s, Lunges, Mtn Climbers, Plank Jacks, Big Boy Situps and Air Squates. 

To commemorate the 50 day shut down the rep count on each exercise was 50. 

Q called Omaha at about 6:10 where we finished with 50 American Hammers Rancit Style.


For the Circle of Trust, the Q shared the importance of this day for F3Omaha and the message about how shifting a mentality from “I have to” to “I get to” is powerful tool in how we approach our lives.  A year ago…we didn’t get to…today we do.

Q closed out thanking the 20 HIM that showed up for his VQ for the support and we adjourned for a shot of SoCo and Lime. 

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