March 20, 2021 // AO: The Pit // Halleck Park // 370 on this First Day of Spring

PAX: (25) Crab Cakes, Rollbar, Ferdinand, Squeaky Clean, Baby Shark, Marv, Firewalker, Gobbler, Uncle Rico, Wild Thing (Down Range from F3 Lincoln), Sister Act, Chuck (FNG – Help Desk, Respect, Respect), Lemon Law, Swiper, Wentworth, Knobs, Crawl, Sparty, Rooney, Arch, Spacebar, Levy, Girl Dad, Feeney.

Q: Icy Hot

The Qic passed a large group of pre-runners who were running down E Halleck Street as he arrived early to set up the football field for the Thang.

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 700am by the Qic with the F3 mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer. One FNG, Chuck, was present.


The PAX moseyed to an open field just to the west of the shelter for warm-a-rama.

Side Straddle Hops – 10 IC

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Big Ones – 10 IC

Sun gods – 10 IC forward, 10 IC backwards

Windmills – 10 IC

The Pax continued a mosey to the west to another open field for the second part of warm-a-rama

Plank Jacks – 10 IC

Groiners – 12, because the Qic forgot what number he was ending on.

Mountain Climbers – 10 IC

Rinse and repeat one additional time.

The PAX continued towards the football field for the Pre-Thang.


The PAX utilized the field right outside the fence of the football field for the second go-round of the motivators the Qic attempted with semi-success at the Woodshed a week prior.


                Full SSH, Half-arms SSH, Legs only SSH, Hops in place starting at 6 of each IC. This time the Qic stopped in between each number to make sure everyone knew the next set we would decrease to 5, then 4, then 3……..

After a successful second attempt of motivators, the PAX counted off into groups of 6 for the Thang.


The Thang began as the sun rose in the East and consisted of six cones in a circle around a center cone. The PAX would complete the exercise and defined number of reps at each cone, run to the center cone, complete 3 burpees, and run to the next cone in a counterclockwise motion. After completing the first exercise at each cone, the PAX would then complete the second exercise at each cone, run to the center, complete 3 burpees, and run to the next cone in a counterclockwise motion. This would continue until Omaha was called.

Cone 1

  • Alternating Shoulder Taps 15 IC
  • Cherry Pickers 15 IC
  • Overhead Claps 15 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs 15 IC

Cone 2

  • Alternating Lunges 15 IC
  • Bonnie Blairs 15 IC
  • Apollo Ohno’s 15 IC
  • Johnny Dramas 15

Cone 3

  • Big Boys 15
  • Flutter Kicks 15 IC
  • Heels to Heaven 15 IC
  • Low Dollies 15

Cone 4

  • Squats 15
  • Monkey Humpers 15 IC
  • Sumo Squats 15 IC
  • Squat Jumps 15

Cone 5

  • Merkins 15
  • Carolina Dry Docks 15
  • Werkins 15
  • Hand Release Merkins 15

Cone 6

  • LBCs 15 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries 15 IC
  • Heel Touches 15 IC
  • Box Cutters 15 IC

The PAX went around the wheel four times and completed all the exercises at each cone when Omaha was called at 746am. The PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags.


Mary was included during the Thang, so Mary was not conducted at the end of the beatdown.

Announcements/Prayers: Gobbler announced that there will be a “Pop Up” at Kros Strain on April 10th. More details on Slack

Gobbler announced that a new AO will be opening, and “pop-ups” will be occurring beginning on March 31st at 515am


Today is the first day of Spring. Spring brings hope as we put the past behind us as the days begin to get longer, the weather gets warmer, flowers begin to bloom, the grass turns green, and many other positives are occurring around us. All of these things bring smiles to our faces and hope for the future. As Ralph Waldo Emerson states, “This new day is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on the yesterdays.” Let’s continue to work towards the future, learn from our past, and embrace the moments we have with those around us.

Aye! Icy Hot

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