March 22, 2021|AO- The Octagon|46° and nice, no rain yet

31 PAX: Icy Hot, Stink Bait, Patton (Respect), Lucky Charms, The Plague, Sportiva, Wide Right, Sister Act, Rollbar, Black Flag, Betamax, Z-bo, Wentworth, Mufasa, Wario, Toadstool, Spacebar, Slow Pitch, Kill Switch, Othello, Ice T, Golden Pike, Khakis (Respect), Gateway (FNG), Sticky Bandit, Retweet, Buns of Steel, Folsom, Tuner, Bloodshot, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- YHC is still nursing a sprained ankle, so I welcomed the PAX and had all start walking from the shovel flags to the lot behind the building while I recited the meaning, mission and principles of F3.  Mainly I just wanted to cut down the distance I’d have to mosey.  Probably a bad idea as not all could hear meand I forgot to ask for an FNG (and there was one). Betamax and Rollbar asked if I had recited the mission and principles, I told them I did, and props to Mufasa for reminding them that I was the Q.

Moseyed around to back lot.  Circled up.


15 Tappy Taps IC

Sun God’s IC 10 each way

12 Big One’s IC

20 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Tempo Merkins IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

Pre-Thang (Puppet Show):

Played “Master of Puppets” by Metallica.  The song directed the exercise for the PAX.

-fast instrumental- hold Al Gore (hug the tree or play air instrument)

-when singing starts, hold plank

-perform one Merkin for each time the word “master” or anything that rhymes with it is sung

-slow instrumental in middle- perform imperial walkers puppet-style with arms extended vertically between twists

(Later some mumble chatter resulted in Betamax asking YHC what my deal with puppets was, and if I was a ventriloquist. Haha, that is not one of my talents.)

The Thang:  Merry Go-Round

4 Pain Stations (only the cardio station would count IC, others AMRAP OYO to encourage Mumblechatter):

1 (Push Group, one each time)- 37 SSH’s IC, 37 Goof Balls IC, 37 plank jacks IC, 37 Smurf Jacks IC

2 (AMRAP one exercise each time)- Werkins, Ranger Merkins, CDD’s, ATM’s

3 (AMRAP one exercise each time)- Bonnie Blairs, Copperhead Squats, Abductor Squats (keeping knees and feet together, YHC asked if there was an F3 name for these and the best we could come up with was Cameltoe Squats), Johnny Dramas on Curb

4 (AMRAP one exercise each time)- Heels to Heaven, Big Boy’s, Freddie Mercury’s, Dying Cockroaches

We did not complete all the exercises before Omaha but the PAX appeared pretty smoked so it must have been good.

6:03- Omaha Call

Mosey to Shovel Flags for Mary:

Birthday Cake- a Salute to the Octagon- 8-step Body Builders x 8 IC (Mufasa said that if we were going to do 37 he was leaving)

American Hammers Rancid Style


FNG Naming- The FNG (Tommy) was wearing Saint Louis University gear and said he went there, as did YHC.  Betamax threw out Gateway in honor of the arch and the Gateway city.  I liked that and it also fit with the FNG’s occupation as an admissions director.  Gateway it was.  Welcome!

Announcements and Prayer Requests

-The Plague reminded us all that the Spring is an excellent time for expansion, both with a lot of new FNG’s and some new AO’s opening.  He asked that all of us share the leadership in signing up to Q whenever you can.

-Khakis discussed a Q source opportunity starting on April 10thwith the changing of the Pit time to 6 AM. Check Slack for more info there.

-Lucky Charms shared details about a pop-up run (also on April 10th) starting and ending at the Kros Strain brewery.

-Patton shared a proud Dad moment about his son’s first high school track meet.  I love how proud he is of Nemo!

-Othello encouraged all to check Mudgear for the new Colosseum shirt design and to order one to help all AO’s.  Alsoto check Slack for details from Firewalker and Armbar about the next 12 ½ Marathons in 2021 plan. 

COT- The Gifts of F3

It is natural on your birthday to reflect over the last year and think about challenges you have faced and areas in which you’ve grown.  My birthday last year was incredibly sad. We were a couple weeks into quarantine and shut down.  I went on Spring Break and didn’t come back to school.  Like many, I was faced with the challenge of trying to work from home and somehow teach preschool lessons to my daughter.  I had no sports to watch and none of my regular activities to help me unwind.  I was in a dark place.  I’ve been open with the PAX of F3Omaha about my struggles with anxiety.  I thought it would be temporary, only lasting a few weeks and that I’d start feeling like myself again.  Now a year later, I’m on medication, see a therapist, and have been trying to limit alcohol.  I’ve come to realize that I had some underlying issues that COVID and the sudden flipping upside-down of my world just brought to the surface.

The greatest change I made to my life in the last year was starting F3. And since it is my birthday, I want to share the greatest gifts that F3 has given me.  I didn’t have a glaring need to improve my Fitness.  I was pretty disciplined about working out on my own and was able to keep a regular schedule even while in quarantine.  What F3 has given me is the opportunity to push myself harder than I would on my own, and the ability to laugh and enjoy it because of the group I am with.  I’ve tried to be “morning workout guy” for years but never found something that would stick.  I want to get up for F3 beatdowns and feel like I missed something if I fartsack.  It has helped me drink less and get better sleep. 

The greatest gift F3 has given me is the Fellowship.  It allows me to be vulnerable.  I can talk to guys in F3 like I’ve known them my entire life.  I share things that I don’t share with even some of my best friends outside of F3. I’ve always felt welcomed and supported.  A few guys- Wentworth, Spacebar and Rollbar- have been exceptionally valuable to me.  We’ve shared Oscar Mike conversations and I told them how much I appreciate the texts and Slack messages seeing how I’m doing with the anxiety and my recent ankle injury.  I feel loved and wanted to tell them I loved them.  I went to my first F3 workout in October and the men of F3 have continued to EH me to keepshowing up.

Finally, I shared with the PAX how I was starting to understand the dynamite of the third F.  I’ve always been a person that cared way too much about what others thought about me.  I would spend time worrying if I was doing things “the right way” or how they would want me to do it.  I shared that at my VQ, the whole time I was just hoping everyone was feeling like it was good and I didn’t want to let anyone down.  That feeling also carries over into my job and even some friend groups.  I’m starting, through the Faith aspect of F3, to care much less about that.  I am proud of who I am and trust my ability and way of doing things, and that is good enough.  I feel freed to lead.  I finished simply by thanking the PAX for the gifts I have received and carried us out in prayer.

Cheers and SYITG!

Mother Goose

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