The Oracle Back Blast: Its all about Perspective part Deux

3/20/21 39 Degrees and a little wind

Q: Armbrah

32PAX: Khakis (respect), Relish, Vandaley (respect), Pothole, Ketchup, The Plague, Kenny G (respect), Tube Socks, Slow Pitch, Wait Time, 2 x 4, Retweet, Hail Mary (Welcome and respect), DaVinci (respect, respect), Convoy, Birdman, Pantyhose, Chucky, Good Life, Zebo, Stink Bait, Jean Claude, Tuna Fish, Grease Fire, Water Boy, Big One, Cheap Seats, Tonight Show, Roadhouse, Blue Suede, Moon Man, Armbar.

PAX is greeted with the mission statement, 5 core principles and the disclaimer.  I always like to joke that I am kinda a professional if you were 8.  PE teacher humor.

  1. Free
  2. Open to all men
  3. Always held outdoors
  4. Lead in a rotating fashion
  5. End in a CoT

To plant Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


A long mosey to the field by dodge on the trail towards the murph.

Circle up


Tappy Taps 12 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC forward and Back

Chinooks 10 IC forward and back

Windmills in a slow IC and I joke it might be called an Abe Vagoda according to the Exicon, Im just joking with the OG’s in the group.  Heard Wait Time say its a hill he would die on.


11’s between 2 sets of lights.  I picked to 2 dumbest exercises we have.  Nactar Indiys and Hydraulic Squats.  Upon announcing that Slow Pitch has some choice words for YHC and it made me smile.  Because I agree with him.  Wish someone in charge could have done something about that.

1 then 10

2 then 9 

Ect until you invert the numbers.

The Thang

PAX moseys under the bridge to the open field south of dodge.  

4 stations push Group.  3 of the 4 stations the group has a choice between 2 exercises and they are to be done AMRAP and second F style.  No counting just some good ole fashion get to know ya conversation.

  1. Steinhl. This is the push group
  2. Core
    1. Scissor kicks or Flutter Kicks
    2. Low Dollys or Marge and Homies
    3. American Hammers or Sarpy Slammers

3. Legs

Copper Head Squats or Sumo Squats

Monkey Humpers or Ponzi Pinchers

copperhead or jump Squats

4. Bounce

Burpees or Turkish Get ups

Smurph Jacks or SSH

Pickle pushers or OH yeahs.

Omaha is called after long periods of time in each group.  Should have done half a Stienhl but live and learn

Mosey back to the flags.


Khakis suggest a move over with a group this size and we do.  Makes room for cars coming by for the 7 am beatdown.

32 Rancid style Hammers.  Honestly I love this because It makes for a great count off.


The Pit is moving to a 6am start starting April 10th.

Starting April 14th a new Wednesday site will be opening at Papio South High School at 5:15

3rd F opportunities.  Check Slack


So today I tried to put out a very had beatdown or at least what I perceived as one.  In fact I had down this exact one before at Top Rope but there where only 5 guys there to do it.  It hurt my pride and I perceived it at the time as a negative thing.  But by the end of the workout I realized that it was a great beatdown and I was grateful for the 5 men who did it with me, because it doesn’t matter if their are 5 or 32 men with you in the gloom in the morning.  As long as their is a man and a flag acceleration will happen on that day.  And my perception changed on how many HIM are needed for a great morning.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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