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PAX: Spreadsheet, Mac N’Cheese, Cyclone, Side Dish, Othello, FDIC, Sportiva, Hashtag

Q: Gunner

I greeted all the Pax at the shovel flags promptly as Othello was arriving and mounting his shovel flag at  7 am.  I stated my F3 name, what the 3 Fs stand for, the F3 Mission and the F3; 5 Core Principles. There were no FNGs in attendance.  I was eager to begin as FDIC asked me if I was a professional in which I quickly and loudly proclaimed that I was not a professional.

Warm-O-Rama – We ran about 300 yards into the large Gallop Field and performed Warmarama.

  1. 15 IC Jump Ropes
  2. 15 Hillbillies
  3. 12 IC Mountain Man Poopers
  4. 15 IC Slow Pitch Swimmers
  5. 15 Moroccan Night Clubs
  6. 15 Mummy Kicks

After Warmarama we moseyed over to the Gallop Fountain short wall for the Pre-Thang

Pre Thang- 20 Dips then right into Wall Sits for 30 Roof Raisers – Shuttle Run Sprint in the tree groove along Gallup Drive. The Pax performed this for 5 reps.

The Thang – after the Pre-Thang we moseyed over to the ponds trail and conducted the Work Out

 A Leap Frog style work out was set up around the park with multiple exercise stations.  The Pax were broken into 2 groups.  Group 1 and Group 2 each started at separate stations.  Group 1 did their exercises, leaped (jogged) by Group 2 and arrive at station 3.

The exercise stations were AMRAP upon arrival. As soon as the previous group arrive at the exercise station, the trailing group perform 8 reps of the exercised and pushed onto their next station.  The exercises were:

  1. Dive Bombers – On Down

1A. Groiners – On Up

2.Monkey Humpers IC

2B. Squat Kicks or High-Yas – On down

3. Yoga Toe-taps IC

3C. Pickle Pushers IC

4.Oh-Yeas IC

4D. Turkish Get Ups – On Down

5.Burpees- On Down

5E. Crab Cakes IC

6.Mahktar N’Daiyes IC

6F. Hydraulic Squats IC

7.Carolina Dry Docks – On Down

We completed about 1-1/2 laps around the circuit course.

Mary –

Calf Raises 25-normal; 25 Toes Out; 25 Toes In

15 IC Inverted Tater Taps

15 Big Boys

19 IC American Hammers

Announcements –

 The Pit start time will be moved to 6 am starting April 10


To Sportiva and his Wife who are trying to start a family with their first baby. They are trying to get pregnant.

To Mac N’Cheese and his wife for a smooth and healthy 2 more weeks before their family grows.


Division – It is everywhere and we encounter it – sometimes too often.  Remember to take the high road and be respectful.  I was inspired by a spiritual reflection read that stated how divisive Jesus was in his life. People were on both sides of the spectrum about who He was and yet he allowed loved everyone. No matter how divisive He knew He was.

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