AO: The Berm

March 18th

34 degrees, real feel 24… There was a cold wind in the air… but it was a beautiful morning

PAX- Sparty, Big One, Wait Time, Brazilian, Skipper, Tater Tot, Hard Hat, Birdman, Stink Bait, Bubbles, 2×4, Blue Chip, Panty Hose, Slow Pitch, Chucky, Khakis, Nailed It, Thumper, Doppler, Convoy

Q: Roadhouse

I pulled into the parking lot at 4:40 AM and immediately realized I should have planned this better. I have only been to the Berm and didn’t know the layout very well and it was very dark. Luckily, my man Panty Hose was already there. I pulled up next to his truck and saw him inside reading. Geez, this guy is an all-around stud. Not only is he there to pre-run but he is catching up on his reading in the gloom. I immediately felt inadequate. 

I knew Panty Hose was a regular at the Berm so I asked for his guidance. Where could I get the PAX to run to? Are there good spots to do exercises? His response, “Lets run down by the lake and check it out.” God, I love this guy. He’s read his book and now wants to do a pre-run before the pre-run??? We moseyed down to the lake and checked out a couple spaces. I felt much better about the beatdown. 

We got back to the parking lot and there was a large group there for the pre-run. WE took off for a jog and there was a great energy in the air. It had the makings of a special morning. At 5:25 we arrived back at the parking lot and found a good sizedgroup waiting for us. 

I welcomed the group and spoke of the significance of this morning. One year ago today was my VQ with F3. Let me take you back… It was at Paradise and it was pouring rain. I was so nervous and right before we got started, Wat Time informed me that they made the decision to shut down F3 in the midst of the pandemic and that this would be our last workout for a while… OK… no pressure. I looked around the group and saw people crying, people looking mad, people looking lost. Wait time tried to split us into 2 groups and Tater objected. “with all due respect Wait Time, we would like to do this together.” The beatdown was a blur that morning but the second F was in full effect. People crying, lifting each other up, supporting each other. It was a morning I will never forget and one that really locked me into F3 Omaha and made me realize how special it was. 

It was a special morning for me and in F3 history. Today we were going to celebrate that morning and reflect on the year that was. Upon writing this I am realizing that I skipped the F3 welcome all together. No mission, no 5 principles, no explanation of F3… my bad boys. Sorry tater… 

We took off west from the shovel flags to find a spot for warm-a-rama. Between us, I had no idea where I was going and where we could stop for exercises but I had faith that it would all work out. We crossed 168th and headed into the neighborhood. There was a big open area that looked like it had potential but two steps in I realized it was all mud. Abort the mission! We stayed in the street and moseyed through the neighborhood and down towards the lake. It was a bit longer of a mosey than I had anticipated but it would have to do. We gathered at the dead end at the bottom of the hill and circled up for warm-a-rama. 


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 17 IC

Big Ones 17 count 

Merkins 17

Jump Squats 17 

Alt Shoulder Taps 17 IC 

After Warm-a-rama I asked Panty Hose to lead us on the trail. He took the lead and took us on a mosey until we got to a picnic area. We again circled up and went to our six. It was time for some core work. 

17 flutter Kicks

17 LBCs

17 Freddy Mercurys

17 Heels to heaven 

After core, we took a very short mosey to the lit up parking lot. In the year prior during my VQ this is where Wait Time hijacked my Q and added a Steinl, basically emasculating me in front of the group. Now lets, me honest, I was emasculated long before F3 but now it was official. It was time to recreate that Steinl. Now I am not sure why, but this Steinl proved a challenge for me. I stumbled through the counts, stuttered through the names, got things in the wrong order and in general, screwed the pooch. The result however was an ab workout like we have never seen because the entire group was laughing and giggling throughout the entire Steinl. God, it was fun! I can still hear the laughter. 


Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkins x 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC (Left) | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 | Chilcutt x 30 | Merkinsx 10 | Amazing Spiderman x 10 IC (Right) | Merkins x 10

Once we were done with that train wreck, I decided we should mosey back up the hill towards where we started. The run felt long and the wind was directly in our face. There were two guys sitting in their cars in the dark and some of us speculated on what may have been happening. It was not family friendly. 

When we got back to the shovel flags I had everyone circle up on the basketball court. I mean, it is March Madness. I warned the group that this next part of the workout was going to be awful and then I followed through with that promise. 

17 hand release merkins

17 mahktar ndiayes

17 turkish getups 

17 burpees 

That set was a terrible idea. That’s my fault guys. I am sorry. 

We stayed where we were for Mary. 


20 Big  Boy Sit Ups

50 American Hammers- to represent the 50 days we were shut down last year

After the hammers, I wanted to try something different. I asked the PAX to lie down on their backs and look up to the sky. I put 2 minutes on the clock and the directions were simple. Reflect on this last year and what lessons you learned and what changed for you. The 2 minutes felt like a long time but the silence was deafening and it was a very cool moment. 

We moseyed back to the flags for Name-a-rama and Announcements and Prayers: 


Nailed It’s VQ will be at the Berm next Thursday. Come out and support a fellow PAX who has been crushing it lately. 

Lots of Third F opportunities on Slack. Big ups to Wentworth and Sparty for leading that cause. 

Keep Stink Bait’s dad in your prayers- he had an injection this week and is recovering


One year ago today F3 Omaha had a tough day. We announced that things were going to shut down for a while due to the pandemic. I was fairly new to the group at the time and had not created the bonds and friendships that so many had. I VQ’d that morning and was overwhelmed by the emotion of the day. Tears, laughter, anger, confusion. There was so much unknown. People didn’t understand why we had to do this. For many people, they needed F3 and relied on it for so many things. What was going to happen now. 

On March 18th, 2020, F3 Omaha got knocked down. For 50 days, F3 Omaha stopped. And for many groups or organizations, that may have hurt them, slowed them down, maybe even destroyed them. But not F3Omaha. You see, this only made us stronger, closer and gave us perspective on what this whole thing means to us. 

It reminded me of a stat I heard once about a toddler learning to walk. NYU did a study on this and found that a toddler will fall 17 times an hour during this process. 17 times an hour and yet never once will they quit. Never once will they give up. Never will they say to themselves, I guess I am a crawler. They get up! Over and over again and they learn. About balance and center of gravity. And eventually they walk. 

Last year, we fell down. And since then, we have gotten up each and every day. My challenge to you is to reflect on this. And think about the challenges you are facing now. What is knocking you down? And remember that resiliency and courage that you had as a toddler and that you showed last year and let that inspire you to know that you can do anything. You just have toget back up. 

I love you guys! 


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