Sanitarium Backblast 3/16/2021, Keep Energy Now

Sanitarium Backblast 03/16/2021 Site Q Swap
Something like 39F, real feel 33F-ish, cloudy, damp

Pax: #11; Arch, Squeaky Clean, Levy, Soda Pop, Treeench, Mako, Tony Tiger, Speedsquare, Marv, Firewalker, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX in the lot by the shovel flags and reminded them of the Fs, the mission and core principles of F3.
No FNGs presented.
He also disclaimed his nonprofessional status.
Mosey: down the bleachers, around north end of the track and onto the center of the field..

Warm O’ Rama

Big Ones
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Abe Vigodas
Cherry Pickers

Pre-Thang : Pax aligned at bottom of steep hill north of bleachers
Circle Merkins, 10 incline, 10 at 3:00, 10 Decline, 10 at 9:00
Barry Sanders Up the Hill, saunter down
Circle merkins
Barry Sanders

Pax counted into four groups, each distributed to a lit cone and the four corners of a square centered encompassing the width of the field in center of the track. A fifth lit cone was positioned in the center of the square.
Groups were instructed to complete each exercise on the sheet for their respective corner and the move to the center cone using the method of transportation listed on the sheet.
At the center cone, five burpees were to be completprior to moving, in whichever recovery sort of mode pax chose, to the cone at the next clockwise corner.
the four exercise sheets included:
Werkins 20, Sumo Squats 20 cadence, Freddy Mercuries 20 cad, Goofballs 20 cad, Lunge walk.
Merkins 20, Air Sqsuats 30, LBC 30 cad, SSH 20 cad, Bear Crawl.
Diamond Merkins 20, Squat Jumps 15, Flutter Kicks 20 cad, Imperial Walkers 20 cad, Duck Walk.
Tempo Merkins 15 cad, Copperhead Squats 15 cad, Big Boy Situps 20, High Knees 20 cad, Butt Kick Trott.

Post Thang
Absolutions/Irish Two Steps x 10

6 M of M
Flutter Kicks,
Box Cutters,
American Hammers

Prayer Requests:
All the bruisers among the PAX

COT (paraphrased – a lot of stuff I say better than I write before or after the fact, and a lot of stuff is just the opposite, sorry)
I tossed a sandbag outside the circle and asked Firewalker, Squeaky Clean, and Arch to each toss another to see how close they could get to mine. They were all pretty close (judgement mine), but I set them up by asking how they though they did and then interrupted Squeaky to declare, “It doesn’t matter!”

Throwing those bags is in the past, and what you’ve done in the past doesn’t matter any more. At least it should not take any more of your energy. Do not fret, mumble, or even let your thoughts run round and round in your head about what you may have done stupid, or bad, or whatever. Your mental energy, which in a lot of ways is more powerful than your physical energy, should be spent on right now.

Be aware of your surroundings and of how you are feeling. What are your emotions? So much of your mental energy will be derived from, or depleted by, your emotions. Think about how your emotions are making you act in this moment. Think about how perhaps you can do better in the future.

I’m not saying the past is something to forget. Knowing what has made you happy and what has made you something else can help you make choices. But it should not be given energy, nor given the opportunity to affect your emotions again and deplete the energy you have for right now. Everything you’ve done in the past has led to you being here, now. And this is where God wants you. So, go forward with confidence living right now and for the future.

This is just a little nugget of some psychological work I am doing on myself. It might be helping me, and I wanted to share it with some dudes who mean a lot to me. Yes, at my first trip south to Sanitarium, where I’ve just met half of these PAX for the first time, they mean a lot to me. Thank you for the opportunity.

Two Step

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