Futurerama Back Blast: Be seen

3/18/21 32 Degrees 

Q: Armbar

15 PAX: Othello, Demigorgan, 2 Step, Bovine, Sticky Bandit, Side Dish, E-85, Cyclone (respect), Black Jack, Lucky Charms, Frosty, Polaroid, TC (respect), Biff, Armbar.

PAX is greeted but before the 5 core principles are listed the PAX is reminded that today is the 1 year anniversary to the shut down of F3 due to the Covid Pandemic.  We closed for 50 days officially.  Then they are stated.

  1. Free
  2. Open to all men
  3. Always held outdoors
  4. Lead in a rotating fashion
  5. End in a CoT

Mission statement is skipped (didn’t realize that until later) but the disclaimer is stated.  Make sure to modify when necessary and if you don’t know how to do that please ask.  


A long mosey down the hill on the trail to the left when facing dodge.  Then close to dodge we circle up.


Sun Gods 10 IC both directions

Arms stay up for Chinooks 10 IC both directions

Arms stay up for Cherry Pickers 12 IC

Goof Balls 12 IC

Big Ones 12 IC Pax is told to take it as slow as possible

Stance and motion.  Today is the start of the NCAA wrestling tournament and basketball is stupid so we hit 3 30 seconds goes to match the 3 periods.

Stand ups wrestling style.  10 on my up.

Pre Thang

Mosey over to the bridge over dodge.  50 Monkey humpers on the bridge.  Making sure to be seen.  2 step takes over at 25 to help out YHC because it was getting tough.

The Thang

3 group grinder over the bridge.


Station 1



Mountain Climbers

Station 2

Jump Squats

Monkey Humpers

Bobby Hurleys

The mosey over the bridge gets tough towards the end but Omaha is called and the PAX meets on the park side and does 10 more stand ups on my up.  We come out of each stand up with more stance and motion.

Mosey back to the flags up the hill for Mary.


Normally Future is not a Mary sight but today all locations will be doing 50 Hammers IC to commemorate the shutdown.  We do this Rancid style until we hit 50.  Was a tall task but we hit it right.


Lucky Charms Hop-a-Lujah on April 10th to celebrate the end of the queens service.  Its a running event with different paces and distances ending at Kros Strain to have a few.

3rd F chances are on Slack


Today I chose to have us down on dodge street as much as possible because I want us to be seen.  I wanted someone driving by to think what the hell are they doing and did I really just see some middle aged men twerking on the bridge at 5:45.  We were shut down for 50 days where we couldn’t be seen and couldn’t be out.  And some members of the PAX were still getting together and it made me jealous and angry that I wasn’t.  That I was doing workouts OYO in my yard.  But at the start we didn’t know what this thing was.  We thought we had a 1/10 chance of dying because we went to the gas station.  I had to step away for a week and not look at twitter and slack.  But then a photo was posted at the Khakis Cafe and it made me realize that it was my problem and not the men who were posting.  That Khakis would give me the shirt off his back if I needed it.  I got over it and got back to posting.  So now we don’t have hide and we can be seen.  So be proud of that f3 logo on your chest and go out and show the community what we are all about.


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