03/19/2021 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 28, felt like 25 with 5 MPH NNW Breeze

PAX (24): Patton (Respect), Sparty, Mac’n Cheese (Hate), Speed Square, The Plague, Khakis (Respect), Stink Bait, Slow Pitch, Blue Suede, Nailed It, Tube Socks, Panty Hose, Halfshell, eHarmony, Cataracts, Skipper, Mufasa, Kill Switch, Doppler, FDIC, Hard Hat, Chucky, Fudd, Moon Man

FNGs: No FNGs presented

QIC: Moon Man

Arrived at the gloom of The Combine just as pre-runners were taking off at 4:45 AM and seemed like a good deal of runners today!  Thank you Sparty for leaving some lights at the shovel flags to help setup the beatdown.  Jogged around the track once to set up the four stations.  As I planted the final light behind the east field goal post along the frosty track, I happen to catch a shooting star.  What a great sign this was being my first Q at this AO…  or would it really be, Moon Man would soon find out. 

  • 05:15 welcomed the PAX to F3 and The Combine
  • No FNGs presented
  • Described F3
    • F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
    • Mission = to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership
    • 5 Core Principles = free of charge, open to all men, always held outdoors, peer lead in rotating fashion, end with Circle of Trust
    • I am not a professional so please modify as necessary!
  • Warm-a-rama was a short mosey around the parking lot and back to shovel flags.  Since warm-a-rama is meant to get you warmed up for exercise we were going to throw in a little global warming and see what comes out (holding Al Gore and slowly shuffling I would shout exercise and amount).
    • Al Gore & slowly shuffle clockwise then Side-straddle Hop (SSH) 20 IC
    • Al Gore & slowly shuffle counterclockwise then Alternating Shoulder Taps 15 IC
    • Al Gore & slowly shuffle clockwise then Tappy-taps 15 IC
    • Al Gore & slowly shuffle counterclockwise then Imperial Walkers 15 IC
    • Al Gore & slowly shuffle clockwise then Sun Gods 10 IC each (forward & backward)
  • Counted off into groups of 4 to ready for tha thang
  • Thang was a 4-station team beatdown around the track (Station 1 North, Station 2 West, Station 3 South, Station 4 East)
    • Each station was numbered with 4 exercises.  Each group completes exercise #1, sprints to next station & completes that exercise #1.  Once all #1 exercises are completed at each of the 4 stations you go on to exercise #2 at all stations, and so on.  In the event you complete all exercises rinse & repeat.
    • A few caveats
      • Station # 1 (North) is push station
      • Station #3 (South) exercises would be performed using bleachers
      • When pushed from stations 1 & 3 you would shuffle to next station (while 2 (West) & 3 (East) you would sprint to next station)
      • If you finish exercises and waiting to be pushed superman is performed until pushed
        • Doppler & Moon Man displayed the four ridiculous variations of burpees included in today’s workout (thank you Doppler for bringing these to light as well!)
          • Kraken Burpee – Burpee w/ 3 hand release merkins
          • Navy Seal Burpee – Burpee w/ 3 merkins while taking knee up to one elbow
          • Superman Burpee – Burpee w/ superman hold at bottom
          • Catalina Wine Mixer Burpee – Burpee w/ Catalina wine mixer at bottom
    • Station # 1 (North) Push & Shuffle when done
      • Kraken Burpee (10)
      • Navy Seal Burpee (10)
      • Superman Burpee (10)
      • Catalina Wine Mixer Burpee (10)
    • Station #2 (West) Sprint when done
      • Bobby Hurleys (20)
      • Gorilla Humpers (20)
      • Alternating Lunges (20)
      • Hydraulic Squats (20)
    • Station # 3 (South using bleachers) Shuffle when done
      • Ranger Merkins (20)
      • Alt Shoulder Taps (20)
      • Werkins (20)
      • Dips (20)
    • Station # 4 (East) Sprint when done
      • Plank Jacks (20)
      • Freddie Mercuries (20)
      • Big Boy Situps (20)
      • Flutter Kicks (20)
  • After the first exercise our group (# 3) assumed the Superman.  We kept flying, and flying and something just didn’t seem right soaring around like Superman for so long with no action.  Something was off and Moon Man quickly realized that he must not have wished upon that falling star earlier.  After some mindfulness of the process through a couple more stations the timing didn’t catch up to itself.  An audible was needed and was shouted to all corners of the track, “on my call, please rotate to next station”.  Basically, group 3 would complete their next exercise on the list and then we would call the audible to have everyone move to their next station and exercise.  This picked up the pace and intensity of the beatdown greatly.  Lesson learned that it’s probably good to plan in advance a few go-to audibles to your playbook so you can react more efficiently/quickly.      
  • OMAHA was called at 5:52
    • Mosey back to shovel flags for Mary
      • Flutter Kicks 15 IC
      • Alphabet A-Z (ALL CAPS)
      • American Hammers Rancid Style 1x round circle
  • Count off & Name-O-Rama (no FNGs to name)
  • Took Announcements & Prayer Requests
  • COT – Mindfulness
    • Being mindful is to be conscious or aware of something so Mindfulness is really a mental state where you focus your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and body sensations WITHOUT judging them as good or bad. 
    • Mindfulness can strengthen our mental fitness and even battle stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.  As we advance in this digital there are many shiny objects at our disposal that tend to help us develop certain negative symptoms.  Impatience, apathy, overwhelm, and distress are just a few and I see it practically every day in myself and others around me. 
    • With this comes a disconnect not only with others but ourselves.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed and flooded with negativity.  This just causes further problems.  What we need in this world is a bit more love and nurturing and it starts with each of us. 
    • Pay attention to your family, friends, and peers.  It’s tough to slow down and notice things in our busy world.  Using a mindful approach in your interactions with others can help you better understand (or at times tolerate) others, be it family, friends, or peers. 
    • There are times where we can be less reactive and more supportive.  Live in the moment, try to intentionally bring an open, accepting, and discerning attention to everything you do and most importantly Accept yourself NOW!  Treat yourself the way you would treat a great friend.
    • When you access the benefits of mindfulness it allows us to experience this fact paced reality in a more peaceful and manageable way.  Let’s try our best to stay positive, curious, and kind. 
  • Sparty led the men in closing prayer

Moon Man,


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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