HIMS in Attendance: Grillz, The Plague, Boiling Point, Stink Bait, Ferdinand, Refi, Tony the Tiger, Waterboy, Davinci, Honey Stinger, Kill Switch, Meow, Khakis, Lucky Charms, Flanders, Trench, Gunner, Safe Ride, Tenderfoot, Space Bar, Squeeky Clean, Knobs, Tug Boat, KOA, Dirty Bird, Tin Cup, Stella, Ponzi, Gobbler.

A contingent of pre-runners began at 5:02am, which included The Plague, Grillz, Ferdinand, Tony The Tiger, Trench, Stella and Gobbler.  Multiple distances and paces were ran.

The Welcome: At precisely 5:30am I welcomed the HIMs in attendance, giving them a warning that the following workout would be themed around the band 311, since we were at their alma mater.  I stated the F3 Mission Statement which is to “Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.” and the 5 core principles (Thanks Khakis for the assist!)1. Free, 2. Open to all Men, 3. Always held outdoors, 4. Led in a rotating fashion, 5. Ends in a circle of trust  We then moseyed to the center of the football field.

Warm-a-rama – AKA “All Mixed Up”

  • Tappy Taps
  • Sun Gods
  • Goofballs 
  • Cat/Cow – 10 Count Each
  • Cobra – 10 Count 
  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers

We moved to the track to begin the Pre-Thang

Pre Thang:  The Deconstructed Burpee –  AKA “Beautiful Disaster”

Run 1 lap – Then 11 Control Freak Merkins

Run 1 lap – Then 11 Control Freak Groiners

Run 1 lap – Then 11 Control Freak Jump Squats

The Thang: “Ill Be Here Awhile”

Partner Up for 2 man Team Grinder

1 Runs sideline to sideline on the football field then back, (~311 Feet), while the other partner is doing the exercises listed below.  Once the runner is back the roles reverse.  The objective is to complete 311 reps as a team before moving to the next exercise.  Modifications were encouraged.

  • 311 – Carolina Dry Docks
  • 311 – Wojos
  • 311 – Workins
  • 311 – Calf Raises
  • 311 – Mountain Climbers
  • 311 – Air Squats
  • 311 – Merkins

At 6:02am, Omaha was called.  This was about 3 minutes early, as the Q knew that the 311 themed Mary was going to indeed take a bit longer than normal.

Mary – 311 Themed

The goal of the Mary was to do 311 reps of ab exercises, since it was of course 311 day.  I needed a bit of help, so selected few helped with the counting.  

15 – LBCs (IC)

15 – Flutter Kicks (IC)

15 – Freddy Mercury’s (IC)

30 – Low Dollys (Open)

15 – Oblique Crunches – Right

15 – Oblique Crunches – Left

15 – LBCs (IC)

15 – Flutter Kicks (IC)

15 – Frozen Freddys (IC)

30 – Low Dollys (Open)

15 – Oblique Crunches – Right

15 – Oblique Crunches – Left

11 – Big Boys

The message around the COT was two-fold.  The first was about taking stock in the accomplishments, but also giving the body and mind rest.  Many PAX have worked extremely hard over the past few months, with little rest.  This has resulted in injury and missed time in the gloom.  I challenged the PAX to rest while focusing on the Queen.  The final (and maybe contradictory) point I wanted to make was to highlight the words of Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, he said: “It is better to be consistently good than intermittently excellent.”   If felt that this wrang true for the PAX, it may not be always about a pre-run, beatdown and other crazy things, but that attending an F3 workout regularly, will often beat the results of sporadic high intensity events. 

At 6:10, the PAX adjourned for Coffee.

A few PAX questioned my accounting of these “ab-reps” at coffeteria, I made sure to address this controversy then, but will do so again for the BB.  Each exercise that was done IC, counted for 2 reps, including the Frozen Freddys, (ISO Freddy Mercury).  If any of the PAX felt like they were “shorted” in the Mary, I offered to lead additional exercises to make up for this perceived shortfall, no one took me up on this offer.

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