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Q: Bloodshot

Pax: Stella, Safe Ride, Kill Switch, Z-Bo, Relish, Sister Act, Super Tasty, Brick, Folsom, Dirty Bird, Toadstool, Ice T, Tin Cup, Flanders, Mother Goose, Panty Hose, Chiclets RESPECT, Pony Express, Blue Suede, Wentworth, Rollbar, Ketchup, Betamax, Golden Pike, Spacebar, Touché, Greek Freak.

F3 Mission, Five core principles, and disclaimer were stated at the north end zone. From that spot the PAX were welcomed as participants in the Coliseum’s Field of 68. On your own stretching was instructed as Bloodshot went over the rules of the game.

The PAX Numbered off 1-4. Remember your number – that’s your team. You’ll be competing against the 3 other teams a leader of the team would add the individual scores of their team. Scoring:

4 exercises complete 1 cycle. All 68 reps

1. Hand release merkins

2. Bonnie Blair’s (each left leg counts as one)

3. Big boys

4. Run a lap (400m)

Count your cycles completed. Count the last exercise completed. If you completed 2 cycles and were on big boys when omaha is called, your score is 2.5

***Lastly, EMOM workout with 3 burpees when not on a run.

Modification was encouraged as necessary. The challenge was intended for the Sugar Rays to fly and the team to push individually to score. In F3 Omaha fashion, most teams did it together. After 34 minutes, and to “One Shining Moment” Omaha was called. Team 3 won SWAG and everyone won a coffee and fellowship.


Tomorrow (3.17) marks the year anniversary of MY last day of F3 before we shut down for 10 weeks until May 2020. It was here at the coliseum. I remember driving to Heavy Metal the next day in the rain thinking about my family…how I can’t afford to risk exercising in the cold rain and possibly getting run down. Fear of getting sick. Three days later I closed my clinic for 6 WEEKS!! I posted this letter outside my door for 9 months after I reopened.

**Read letter from office. ***

“…in keeping with our mission to grow old with our patients, we need to take care of each other…

With worldwide suffering the question comes up. Where is God? if God has unlimited power, and he could make us understand his message, why would people have to suffer to learn it. It can be hard finding God during troubled times.

I might think that F3 helped me to work while being uncomfortable.

I might think that having a small business caused me to find comfort being uncomfortable for over a decade.

I BELIEVE that God is with me the whole time. In all of you. We found God through each other in troubled times. We just have to hear when he’s tapping on our shoulder.

Announcements: check slack for details on July 16 grow ruck as well as 2nd and 3rd F opportunities.

Toadstool offered prayers for a family who lost a loved he knows. Prayers for the PAX to find God in each other during troubled times.


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