March 3, 2021 / AO – Heavy Metal  / 5:30 / Temperature:  30

Pax:  Brazilian, Spreadsheet (H), Space Bar, Stella, Gumbo, Swinger, Golden Pike, Folsom, Samples (R), Stick Bandit (H), Safe Ride, Z-Bo, Black Flag, Bloodshot, Spanks, U-Haul, Boiling Point, Grease Fire, Beta Max, Dirty Bird, Eric FNG McEnroe, and Frosty

Q: Wentworth

Started promptly and welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30.   The Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given, but YHC forgot to mention the 5 core principles.  The men then made their way around the trail for a mosey to the stage for a short warmup.


Working the arms today, so let’s get them warmed up first. 

Sun gods, cherry pickers, tappy taps, seal jacks, Big Ones, and some windmills.

THE THANG  5 cones with 3 different exercises and carrying weights to each station 15 of each exercise below, PAX chose how to carry the DB’s from stations, some used standard farmer’s carry, others went with the rifle carry, and some like Folsom cranked out more curls to get his beach body ready for the summer.

Cone 1:           Upright rows / Derkins with DB’s / Mountain Climbers with DB’s

Cone 2:           Dips / Bent over rows / Curls

Cone 3:           Step Ups with DB’s / Shoulder Press / top half curls

Cone 4:           Goblet Squats / Lunges alternating with DB’s / Tri-cep Extensions

Playground:    Chest Fly’s  /  Big Boys with DB’s with jab punches at the top  /  bent over fly’s



Announcements for 2nd F lunch Friday at Inner Rail 11:30 a.m. and 3rd F for Heartland Hope volunteer opportunity 3/13 9:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m. with M’s and 2.0’s older than 10, south Omaha food bank looking for help to distribute food through their pantry.

COT:   YHC spoke about the death of Andy Hoffman who was the 42-year old father of Jack Hoffman and the founder of the Team Jack Foundation that has raised over $8M for brain cancer research in the past decade.  With the average age of F3 PAX right around 42, that number really stuck out to me and to any of us who have seen our own children suffer an injury, serious illness, or major surgery.  Andy let his actions speak for his dedication to his son and fighting for cancer awareness and research and then back in July 2020, he himself became aware that he had a rare form of terminal brain cancer, the doctors gave him less than a year to live.  Jack is now 15 and no longer than little 7-year old from the spring football game back in 2007 that we saw score that 69-yard touchdown.  What a great example of a HIM who fought hard for his son and gladly took his place!  Prayers to the Hoffman family and everyone who he was able to influence with his story of love and hope for his son Jack.

Ended in prayer.



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