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Q: Toadstool and Wario

Pax: Betamax, Thomas, Wildcat, Z-bo, Wait Time, Khakis RESPECT, Tater Tot, Polaroid, bloodshot, Black Flag, Space bar, Wentworth, Turnaround, Doppler, Sister Act, Stink Bait, Stella, Folsom, Patton RESPECT, Slow Pitch, The Plague, Brazillian, Ice-T.

Toadstool & Wario welcomed 23 PAX to the Octagon. Gave the mission statement, disclaimer, and the Credo.

PAX moseyed to center of field
20 each IC
Side straddle hops

Moroccan Night Club

Pre-Thang (VS): Pax lined up at the base of the hill and choose a partner…
-Each pair chooses an exercise (anything they want). While one member of the pair does the exercise at base of the hill, other one runs up the hill backwards (Bernie Sanders), then back down and relieves other partner and starts doing same exercise. Once both have completed the hill, switch to a new exercise, and keep going up and down hill in same fashion.

Thang (GP):
The PAX numbered off in groups of 5. There are 4 different stations with exercises while the fifth group runs around the track and relieves group 1.
Group 1—20 of each Merkins
Alternating Shoulder Taps (IC) Tempo Merkins (IC)
Diamond Merkins
Group 2—20 of each Air Squats
Monkey Humpers (IC) Lunges (10 each leg) Bonnie Blairs (IC)
Group 3—20 of each Groiners
Mountain Climbers (IC) Bobby Hurleys

Group 4—20 of each LBCs
Big Boys
Frozen Freddies Box Cutters

Post-Thang (battle Mode):
Two Teams line up on opposite ends of the short field. Each team picks a PAX to run to center of field to grab cone with balloons. Whichever PAX loses for their team loses has to do 5 burpees. New person each time.
RULE: No fighting! If you get to cone at the same time, BOTH teams have to do 5 burpees.
COT: Keep your head up and your eyes and ears open for opportunities to help you when life gets dark. There are plenty of people out there that want to lift you up. Over this past year I, like many of you, have had some dark times and became isolated. I remembered how F3 got me out of my comfort zone in the past and in the coldest part of winter I started attending workouts again and things have gotten much better for my mental and physical health.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Octagon

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