Wild Kingdom – “Starfish”

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Lake Zorinsky, Omaha, NE

28° and clear

PAX:  Vandelay (Respect), Ketchup, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Chippendale, Tonight Show, Nailed It, Pantyhose, Convoy, Skipper, FDIC, Chucky, Moon Man, The Curse, Crab Cakes, Hawg (Respect), Halfshell, Wario, Cheap Seats, Penalty Box, Cutting Edge, Yodel, Wait Time

QIC: Thomas

Thomas welcomed 23 PAX to the Wild Kingdom. Stated the mission, credo and a disclaimer.  Also celebrated the ice-free paths and advised on the tradition to listen for train whistles.  We then headed on a short mosey.


The PAX headed over to the parking lot near the boat launch for Warm-A-Rama.

SSH – 20 IC

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC forward and back

Cherry Pickers – 20 IC

Pre-Thang: The PAX headed over the bathroom shelter for the pre-thang.  We started with wall sits and each PAX was supposed to count to three and pass to the next PAX to continue the counting.  The instructions were not clear and the number of PAX wrapped around the building, causing a fair bit of confusion.  But we figured it out and completed the first exercise.  We then proceeded to BTTW with a similar amount of confusion but made it through.  A second round of each exercise was conducted with better results.


The PAX then headed back to the grassy field (thankfully no snow) near the shovel flags.  The PAX there found 5 lights spread around the perimeter of the circle with another light in the center.  The PAX broke into five groups.  We started with a set of 20 merkins in the middle, and then each group broke out to one of the individual lights.  Each light had a beatdown exercise.  Four were set for AMRAP, and one had a set of reps and was the push group.  Once the push group completed, all of the PAX returned to the center for another round of 20 merkins.  The PAX continued this cycle, each time moving clockwise to the next station.

Bobby Hurleys – 20 (Push Group)

Mountain Climbers

Apolo Ohno


Big Boys

The PAX made two complete circuits and finished with a last set of merkins for a total of 220 merkins and then Omaha was called and the PAX returned to the shovel flags.


Freddy Mercuries – 15 IC

Heal Touches – 20 IC

American Hammers – 20 IC


Announcements  There is a group meeting at 5 AM on the last Sunday of each month for a half marathon run. Shout out to those in Queen Service.


As we approach a year since the pandemic started and even though the end is in sight, there are many people, myself included, who have experienced some level of depression.  It’s incredibly important to be reaching out to friends and loved ones in your close circle to ensure they are doing well and offer encouragement.  Today’s workout was meant to contrast the power of both the small group on the beatdowns and the energy of the large group gathering back in the middle.  Both are needed, but can serve different purposes in helping us navigate through these times.



– Thankful for the beautiful weather.  Prayers for Painkiller on the loss of his mother.  Prayers to the family of Andy Hoffman on his passing.

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