3/13/2021, Pit AO 

PAX (18):  Gunner, Arch, Jeeves (Respect), Gobbler, Gipper, Skittles, Girl Dad, Swiper, Turnover, Crab Cakes, Rooney, Ear Tag, Trench, Firewalker, Levee, Lucky Charms, Marv, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Weather: Around 40 degrees, overcast skys, very little breeze, and 100% chance of a beatdown! 

YHC showed up in the darkness around the time most of the pre-runners were taking off. Commence setup for the thang. The runners passed by and offered up to circle back shortly, but I told them not to worry about it. I needed to navigate the AO a bit to figure out some of the logistics for the workout. Nothing like planning your Q the morning of right?! The workout was actually planned in advance, but I needed to find a good spot for the warm up, a route to run, and a good spot for Mary. Following the setup, a route was determined, then a little extra moseying for the Q while waiting for the pre-run group to come back for the 6:30 runners. 

Welcome: As the running group returned to the flags, a solid group of dudes was congregating around the parking lot, and there was lots of chatter. I hate breaking up that fellowship, but at 7:00am, we gotta get to work! I joked about how the Pit and Maize should trade names, because this AO is easy to get lost in (have you seen the trails?). This is only my 2nd or 3rd time at the Pit, so several of the PAX had never met me, and for many others, we don’t see each other very often, so it was nice to get out of my routine and meet more of the PAX. The mission and core principles were provided, then emphasis was given that there will be a lot of AMRAP exercises and it’s “you vs. you” so push yourself to not short yourself reps, focus on good form, and make it a challenge. That led to some upfront warning of several “weird” or new exercises for many of the guys, so definitely modify if needed, and don’t be afraid to do a simple modification by substituting merkins or squats in lieu of the called out exercise. This was a great segway to give the disclaimer, then direct the group to the warm up location. 

Open Grassy Area Warm-a-rama:

Alt. Single Leg Dead Lifts 20  🡪 Knee to Chest Squeeze 20 🡪 SSH 20 IC 🡪 Alabama Ass Kickers 20 🡪 Iron Crosses 10 IC 🡪 Apolo Ohnos 20 IC 🡪 Mountain Climbers 20 IC

Explanation of a Do-ah-diddy was provided, and the route was kind of described. With 18 guys, the diddy had the front man doing 5 burpees, then yelling “GO” to release the next front man. The route was along the dry creek bed through the park until we met the trail on the North end of the park, at that point YHC yelled out directions as we approached forks in the road until we reached the final destination, approximately 0.6 miles and 200 burpees (combined) later.  


This Thang has 11 stations, 1 push station and 10 AMRAP stations. The PAX numbered off 1-11, with 7 stations having two guys at them. Everyone performs the exercise at their station until the push station yells push. Then the PAX run a lap around the circle clockwise to get to the next station. The push station had an agility ladder, where the PAX would side shuffle step through the ladder, then sprint to a hard hat, touch the hard hat, sprint back, and speed step through each rung of the ladder. The AMRAP stations were: 1. Breakdance Merkins 2. Sumo Squats 3. Monkey Humpers 4. Carolina Dry Docks 5. Jump Rope 6. Merkin Roll 7. Mahktar N’Diayes 8. Mountain Climbers 9. Cherry Pickers 10. Bonnie Blairs. 

Music played through the course of the routine, and after a full round around the circle of stations, very fittingly, You’re the Best by Joe “Bean” Esposito was playing, and an audible was called. PAX were informed to pause at their station, and together we’d complete a round of a Laredo. The Laredo is 24 merkins, 24 squats, 24 lunges, and a 400 meter run. The run was a nice easy mosey to help cool down a bit, because the routine was fast paced with very little time to catch your breath. Upon the return of the run, everyone picked up where they left off, and station work resumed. The playlist was on shuffle, and there was a surprise awaiting that even the Q didn’t know when it would appear. After 3 or 4 rotations, the song came on. Many longtime F3 Omaha PAX know what happens when you hear this song, but a lot of newer guys would have no idea what they were in for. The song… Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. PAX were instructed to Side Straddle Hop for the duration of the song, then drop down for a burpee everytime they hear “I get knocked down, but I get up again”. The timing for this surprise was perfect! There was plenty of mumblechatter about burpees, whiskey drinks, how long the song is, etc. After the song, 2-3 more rotations were completed before “Omaha” was called. PAX were then told that the cones and stuff could be left behind and let’s mosey back to the flags. Of course, the helpful guys that are F3 PAX, decided to grab the goods anyways to help the Q out. Much appreciated! 

6MOM on the Island:

PAX circled up, and YHC asked Skittles to lead a core exercise. He led the group in 20 LBCs. Then Trench was asked, and he led the group in 25 Freddie Mercury’s. Then Jeeves, who led the group with 10 IYWTO thingies which were surprisingly effective at working the core and shoulders. Gobbler took us home with 25 flutter kicks. 

Circle of Trust:

  • Announcements: Gunner encouraged the guys to try to get out to other sites that they maybe don’t frequent very often to get a different taste of things that can be done at our workouts. He also encouraged the group to step up and Q, and to have fun with it. 
  • Prayers: Prayers were asked for some PAX dealing with losses of family members recently, as well as prayers for the recovery of the officer that was shot during the incident at the mall on Friday. 
  • My message is about how F3 has helped change my perspective on mental health issues. I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from depression or anything that would be considered a mental health issue. Because of that, whenever someone close to me does suffer from one, I used to think that they were going through some tough things and making the choice to not really do much to get better. I thought that they were choosing to drag other people into their issues and bring them down with them. I’d see a marriage dissolve with some close family members as a result, and I just had negative thoughts about it. My mother deals with depression on occasion, and I used to get angry with her whenever she would have an incident. After hearing F3 guys open up about their struggles with depression, I began to realize that maybe it’s not a choice, and there’s more to it than I can understand. Someone that I was EH’ing asked about the circle of trust, and I explained a little about it and how some guys share the struggles they’ve faced with things like depression. This guy then told me about how he used to suffer from panic attacks, and I never would have imagined that he dealt with that stuff. This has helped me to have more of an open mind about mental health and how I just can’t understand what someone is going through when they are struggling with it, but I can be supportive of them and instead of being negative or angry with the person, I can be more sympathetic of their situation and try to help improve their situation. My relationship with my mom is much better now because of this shift in my perspective. I’d encourage everyone to think about what we don’t know about what someone else is going through, and to have more of an open mind to their struggles. This will help us to be more helpful, especially to those closest to us. 


Hard Hat

P.S. I’ve got to thank Roadhouse for messaging all of the Saturday morning Q’s on Friday night, to wish us great beatdowns and messages. I was in a little bit of a funk the last couple of days, and his message did help me get a little more motivated for my Q. I still was kind of a miserable, crabby ass before the beatdown, and even during the pre-run, but once we got to the shovel flags and I saw all the dudes ready to go, somehow I flipped a switch, threw on a smile, and was more chipper for my welcome message than I normally am. I had a blast during the beatdown, and following the workout, was riding that “Q high”. Sometimes all we need is to get out and lead others to help us get out of a funk. It’s helped me plenty of times in the past, and I’d also encourage all of the F3 PAX to get on the Q schedule, especially if you feel like you’re in a bit of a down moment. It’s an awesome feeling!

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