March 13, 2021//Aldrich Elementary School//AO- The Oracle (7 a.m.)//39 steamy degrees//

Pax: Vandelay, Bloodshot, Z-Bo, Black Flag, Blue Suede, Kill Switch, Specimen, Beta Max, Wentworth, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

Warm O’ Rama (15 minutes)

  1. Mosey the long way around the school to the basketball courts
  2. Butt Kickers, ICx20
  3. Tappy Taps, ICx12
  4. Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards
  5. Othello Anniversary Dance (Shnooks with standing Pickle Pushers) ICx12
  6. Hillbilly Squats ICx15
  7. Windmills ICx10
  8. Mosey across the street, to the far northeast corner of the parking lot

The Thang: Coupons and a Hill, What More do you need? (25 minutes)

Folsom had the PAX grab a partner and a coupon and carry it to the base of the hill. First time up the hill, one of the partners sprinted up the hill and did 3 burpees, before relieving the other partner, who then ran up the same way. Second time up the hill, the first partner ran up the hill backwards (Bernie Sanders) and did Monkey Humpers ICx7 before relieving his partner. This alternating hill exercises continued as the partners worked their way through the cinder block exercises, which were performed AMRAP. Obviously, each time back down the hill the partners traded places. Exercises:

• Thrusters
• Bent over rows
• Big Boys w/ Coupon
• Dead lifts
• Crossover Rows x10 each side, repeat AMRAP
• Kettlebell swings
• Curls
• Windshield wipers over Coupon
• Blockees
• Vertical chest press
• Goblet squats
• Gas Pumpers on Coupon
• Overhead Triceps press
• Overhead press

6 MoM

No need for Mary today; we got plenty in the Thang.

Post-Thang Yoga (10 minutes)

Folsom lead the PAX through 10 minutes of restorative Yoga. I don’t know all the names of the poses, or for sure what all we did, but I think everyone felt better for having done the poses.

Mummblechatter: Either having a normal sized group for the beatdown made them chattier, or I could just hear more of the chatting. Either way, it was a talkative group today. My two favorites were Z-Bo asking, “Why are you doing this to us?” and Betamax telling me he was uncomfortable during the yoga. -What? That was the most comfortable part!

Announcements/Prayers T-Claps to Wentworth, our 3rd F Q, for setting up volunteer work at the food pantry, and of course, a hardy T-Claps to all the HIM who signed up to make a difference today. Queen Service is quickly approaching their deadline, and some of the guys, YHC included, will need to suffer the next weeks to hit their goals, so give them plenty of encouragement. 

COT “There is no training or taming of me and my bruh! I look like a man, but I’m animal raw!” –Run the Jewels. I love that rap duo. Their songs spit testosterone and always get me pumped up. I got to thinking about that line and what it means to me. If you asked what separates man from animals, conventional wisdom would answer our brains. We’re able to think, and reason, and don’t just act on instincts like animals do. But a F3 HIM knows that things don’t get done by thinking. A F3 HIM takes to action and gets things done! So I say, look like a man, but be animal raw on the inside! Be a man of both thought and action! Get things done!

Aye- Folsom

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