March 12, 2021 // AO: The Woodshed // Elmwood Park // 350 and Partly Cloudy

PAX: (24) Lucky Charms, Gunner, Stink Bait, Side Dish (Hate), Bovine, Dome (Hate), Khakis (Respect), Merch, Bloodshot, Slow Pitch, Pony Express (Hate), Toadstool, Paul (FNG: Turnaround!), Stella, Jean Claude, Chicklets (Respect), The Plague, Safe Ride, Drone Strike, Sticky Bandit (Hate), Samples (Respect!), Honey Badger, Cyclone (Respect).

Q: Icy Hot

The Qic arrived early so he could get the list of exercises laid out prior to the “Flat Friday” pre-run through Elmwood Park and Aksarben Village. There were eight pre-runners that completed some variation of the pre-run. The Qic and Slow Pitch turned off early so Icy Hot could get back with enough time to recover prior to the Q. As it turns out four others followed suit. Chicklets arrived late and tried to catch the pre-runners, but because of the modification he never did, but he was back in plenty of time for the Qic to welcome everyone.

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 530am by the Qic with the F3 mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer. One FNG, Paul, was present.


The PAX was introduced to an exercise the Qic learned from the Kansas City PAX last month.

Motivators – SSH, SSH with half arm motion, SSH with legs only, Hop only – 7 IC, 6 IC, 5 IC, 4 IC…….

These were a struggle for the PAX to get the hang of, but that was partly due to the Qic’s inability to explain it well. By the end everyone had the hang of it.

The PAX moseyed to the Grotto for the Pre-Thang. The mumblechatter around the pain that was delivered by the motivators was loud. Mission accomplished!


The PAX utilized the wall and the rocks to perform 3 sets of the following exercises.

Dips – 12

Step Ups – 12 IC

Squat Jumps – 12

The PAX divided themselves into teams of 4 for the Thang prior to the mosey to Creepy Corner.


2 members of the team stayed on Creepy Corner and started the B.O.M.B.S., while the other 2 ran up the UNO hill to the speed limit sign near the Biomechanics building. Cumulatively, the teams would complete the reps listed.

Burpees – 100

Overhead Claps – 150

Merkins – 200

Big Boys – 250

Squats – 300

Rinse and Repeat

A few teams completed the entire set, most made it through the Big Boys. The Qic learned on the mosey that a couple PAX splashed merlot, while another was dry heaving up against the Elmwood Park maintenance shed. This was a sign that the PAX did not choose the easy path this morning.


Flutter Kicks 15 IC

LBCs 15 IC

American Hammers – 15 IC

Announcements/Prayers: Lucky Charms announced that there will be a “Pop Up” at Kros Strain on April 10th. More details to come.

Khakis announced that we need people to step up and Q. Consider it and if you are worried or nervous, Co-Q.

Prayers for Huffy and Retweet’s family.


Laziness, negativity, complaining, and blame. This is easy to do in our society with which we live today.

What we do every morning is not easy. First off, we made a decision to get out of bed. This may be the hardest part of the day for some of us, myself included, but something within F3 motivates us to be here. It may be the routine, the accountability, the mission, the positive effect you have seen F3 make on you and subsequently your family. Whatever it maybe I continue to see you return to the gloom. No matter what your motivation is, you all have made a conscious decision to create change, to have hope, and be positive by showing up and embracing F3. This is not easy, and often a path not taken.

To make a difference you must be different in a world that takes the easy path. What do you want your legacy to be? I challenge you to continue to branch out and take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to all of us and if you have something you need help with bring it to this group. We will help! I have seen it happen time and again.

Aye! Icy Hot

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