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PAX:  Cheap Seats, Honey Stinger, Roll Bar, Brick, Flanders, Roadhouse, Tuner, Z Bo, Water Boy, Spacebar, Double Nickel(FNG-Respect), Vandelay(Respect), Golden Pike, Folsom, Tonight Show, Tater Tot, Chip N Dale , Black Flag, Dirty Bird, Tugboat, Tin Cup, Ice T, Wentworth, Wait Time and

Q: Saul

Welcomed 24 PAX to the Combine. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed around the track and then met at midfield for warm-a-rama.

  • Sun Gods 10 forward and 10 reverse
  • Big Ones 5 IC each side
  • Windmills 10 IC
  • ATM-10 reps each

 2– The Thang

 40 minutes of hell

Nolan Richardson       Routine, Partner          Aka “40 minutes of Hell.”

Routine: Partner 1 performed each exercise denoted below as Partner 2 backpedaled to 50yard line, & jogs back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner 1. This continued until the repetition count stated below was met.

1. Burpees (50).

2. Squats (300).

 3. Big Boy Sit-Ups (150).

4. Little Baby Arm Circles (300).

 5. Merkins (150).

6. Imperial Walkers (300).


American Hammer-Rancid Style

Circle of Trust:

  • Announcements-
    • 3rd F Opportunity-Heartland Ministry-March 13, 2021
    • Respect Workout-March 17 at Paradise-Bring a Respect FNG and a non-Respect FNG can join the workout
  • Prayers
    • Painkiller and family
    • Huffy and family
    • Retweet and family
  • Thoughts by the Q

One of our core principles at F3 is open to all men. One of our fundamental rights as a nation is all men are created equal. At a local level, the topic of racism has been discussed more by the community because of a recent comment by a head basketball coach.  

With all of the recent dialogue about race,  I have a few observations. I ask that you be mindful of these observations as you sort through the topic of race. You may not agree with everything I have to say today. That is ok. I am far from perfect.

First, there is a difference between racism and racial ignorance. Racism has evil intent displayed through purposeful actions and words. Racial ignorance consists of careless comments or actions without intent. Both result in the targeted race feeling the ugly hate of racism. Both are inexcusable. Some racial ignorance lies in the subconscious of a person’s thoughts due to their upbringing and life experiences. That does not make their racial ignorance excusable but that does remove intent.

Second, there is natural reaction by the minority against those hateful actions or words. The offended race calls for retribution or punishment. The offended race being hurt calls that person a racist. I am not a minority. I cannot tell that person or race how to feel.

But, I do feel the punishment needs to fit the “crime”. That is, someone like Coach who has an otherwise philanthropic history of giving back to all races of the community, should not lose his job over his racial ignorance. That punishment does not fit the crime. I cannot force a minority to forgive racial ignorance or racism. But,  I know earned forgiveness is part of the process for all of us healing.  

Third, our nation, specifically, Caucasians, cannot overreact to a minority’s reaction to racism or racial ignorance. Our nation cannot silence the offended minority with political and culture tag lines like Cancel Culture or referring negatively to Being Woke. That response is insensitive and does not further the dialogue.

These are my observations of racism. Part of the solution involves education, an unprogramming of subconscious  racial biases, dialogue amongst races, forgiveness and love.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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