Thursday March 3rd, 2021

Weather: 37, Wind E 2 MPH, Waning Gibbous Moon Phase

PAX (17): Sasquash, Mufasa, Crab Cakes, Yodel, Tonight Show, TC (Respect), Cheap Seats, Chucky, Relish, Wait Time, Tater Tot, Hard Hat, Convoy, Vandelay (Respect), Hawg (Respect), Butterfly (Respect), Moon Man

No FNGs presented

VQ: Moon Man

Arrived at the gloom of the maize shortly after 0500 hours and it looked like a good handful of pre-runners.  With a Waning Gibbous Moon Phase and clear skies, it was going to be a fantastic morning for a beatdown.  Thank you Sasquash for printing a few items in advance for today!

Mufasa had texted me shortly before this and said he woke up early for todays workout.  Letting him know it would just hurt a little he pondered going back to sleep.

  • 05:30 welcomed the PAX to F3, and let them know this is the Moon Man VQ
  • No FNGs presented
    • F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
    • Mission = to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership
    • 5 Core Principles = free of charge, open to all men, always held outdoors, peer lead, end with Circle of Trust
    • I am not a professional so please modify as necessary!
    • Today we are going to ‘Play It Cool’!
      • If anyone sees a car drive directly by go ahead and shout, ‘Play it Cool’ and everyone stops what you’re doing and hold a squat while pretending to read the paper. Once the car leaves, you resume what you were doing.
  • Warm-a-rama (mosey to basketball court)
    • Side-straddle Hop (SSH) 20 IC
    • Tappy-taps 15 IC
    • Alternating Shoulder Taps 15 IC
    • Imperial Walkers 15 IC
    • Sun Gods 10 IC each (forward & backward)
  • Pre-Thang Train Run with a Merkin down sidewalk to the east
    • Halfway we squatted and read the newspaper for a vehicle
  • Circled up and counted off into teams of 3 for The Thang
  • Thang three Man Relay
    • First man on one side of block – Starts doing first exercise on list one
    • Second man on other side block – Starts doing first exercise on list two
    • Third man starts on side with first man and runs to other side by man 2 BUT Stops halfway and does one navy seal burpee (Moon Man demonstrated this – essentially a burpee combined with 3 pushups)
    • Once man three relieves man two, man three will start to do first exercise on list
    • Man two will run towards man one (stopping in middle to do one navy seal burpee) then relieving man one, and so on
    • Eventually all three men will perform all exercises on both lists
    • Find your rhythm and pace when doing exercises gentleman & modify as needed!
    • Thank you to Tater Tot and other PAX for helping with the configuration of where people go to start
    • List One:
      • Big Boys
      • Air Squats
      • Big Boy Sit-ups
      • Alternating Lunges
      • Calf Raises
      • LBC’s
      • Monkey Humpers
    • List Two:
      • Dips using curb
      • Chuck Norris Merkins
      • Moroccan Night Clubs
      • Alternating Shoulder Taps
      • Overhead Seal Claps
      • Rosalita
      • Hand Release Merkins
    • There were a couple more Play It Safe happenings, would have enjoyed hearing what was going through the driver’s mind seeing this.
    • Omaha called @ 06:04 so regrouped and moseyed back to shovel flags for Mary
    • Mary
      • Flutter Kicks 15 IC
      • LBC’s 15 IC
      • American Hammers Rancid Style, once around
      • No FNGs to name
    • Took announcements and Prayer Requests
      • Prayers to Uhaul and his M for the labor happening last night!
    • COT
      • Since this is the Moon Man VQ I wanted to share the thankfulness of this journey.  Today marks week 13 of being part of F3.  Thursday, 12/03 during a crazy looking moon, Doppler EH’d me from my fartsack den to what he called The Berm (he was Q @ Futurama today and was missed).  13 strong that day and had the pleasure of being named Moon Man by The Big One.  Chucky was quick to remind everyone that some still preferred Udder, yes as in Cow Udder.  Moon Man would have embraced it regardless. 
      • The first F was a major magnet since the pandemic there was a huge lack in fitness.  Even before that, it was more of a sad clown, going to the gym alone and expecting more.   I really hadn’t done much of any worthwhile workouts and my diet turned for the worse.
      • Little was I aware that the second F would gorilla glue me into embracing workouts with other men and the fellowship and accountability the PAX would provide.  This is a new feeling and has led to an amazing journey in such a short time.  What was initially strangers in the dark led to something powerful.
      • The third F is yet filling another gap.  I appreciate everyone’s openness and acceptance and inspires me to continuously work on my spiritual health. 
      • Point being, I am THANKFUL for F3 and what it has done for my life.  Regardless where any one of us is in our life journey we are all here TOGETHER growing physically, mentally, and spiritually and I am grateful for the positive impact that has had to help me grow, lead, and be a better man.  Let’s continue to be better together!
    • Moon Man lead men in prayer.
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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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