March 10, 2021 | Top Rope | Aldrich Elementary | 61 and Beautiful

PAX (23): Moon Man, Blue Suede, Chucky, Trench, Tube Socks, Rollbar, Bubbles, Riptide, Safe Ride, Flanders, Super Tasty, Doppler, Theraband, Convoy, Roadhouse, Othello, Popcorn (Down Range), Tugboat (One name, 2 toots), 2nd Chance, Patton (Respect), Armbar, Hard Hat, Sparty

Pre-Runners: Patton (Respect), Othello, Trench, Armbar, Hard Hat, Roadhouse, Doppler

Rucker: Safe Ride

Sparty woke up early this morning with a little pep in his step and ready to get to Top Rope. Upon arriving to the friendly confines, YHC was quickly greeted by men that were looking to put in some early work. As they took off on their mosey, Sparty started roaming around to try and find the perfect spot for the beatdown. Ultimately, he landed on the west side of the school. The PAX started to shuffle in around 5:22am and there was someone that was noticeably different than the rest of us. Popcorn does not look like his twitter avatar. The man is a beast and came ready to kick butt. It was a warm welcome from the HIM as we waited for 5:30am.

Sparty announced a hello as the time struck, and rolled off the traditional F3 welcome with a special call out to Popcorn for joining us this morning. After YHC was done rambling, the PAX took a mosey around the school. Half way around the school, Sparty realized he forgot his phone at the shovel flags. Roadhouse, being the HIM that he is, offered to go back and grab it. Thank you, Brother! The PAX started gathering against the building but finally realized Sparty was out in the field. They all circled up and we got started on Warm-a-rama:

  • Sun Gods: 10F/10R IC
  • Cherry Pickers: 15 IC
  • Big Ones: 20 IC
  • Small Ones: 30 seconds
  • Tappy Taps: 15 IC

After completing the warm-up, Sparty called the men in closer so he could explain the Thang. First we counted off into 3’s, then the explanation went as follows: there are 3 stations, 1st station is the “Ice” and you’ll be continuously running around the cones. You can go forward, backwards, change directions, doesn’t matter, just keep moving. 2nd station was an AMRAP station. 3rd station was wall sits. After you’re on the Ice, go take a seat on the wall. After you’ve recovered on the bench, its time to get ready to bet running again, so go to station 2 for exercises. There was a Tabata Timer set for 1 minute and when the whistle blew, you rotated. We did this for 10 minutes, then had a 1 minute intermission (break) to catch your breath, then went to the 2nd period, which meant new exercises at the AMRAP station. Timing remained the same and we had a 2nd intermission before a 3rd period. Below were the AMRAP stations:

1st Period

  • Monkey Humpers
  • Squat Jumps
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Werkins

2nd Period

  • Jump Tucks
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Goof Balls
  • Merkins

3rd Period

  • Burpees
  • Bonnie Blair’s
  • Hydrolic Squats
  • Ranger Merkins

Mumblechatter was fantastic as the men had great energy and conversations were all over the place. Sparty couldn’t be happier as this was his hope as he planned this beatdown. YHC knew time was going to be tight, and as soon as the final buzzer went off, he quickly picked things up and strongly encouraged the PAX to return to the shovel flags. Upon arriving to the flags, we quickly counted off, 23 then went right into Name-o-rama. Some quick observations as the weather has warmed up and layers have been shed: Roadhouse looks amazing. Moon Man is an absolute beast. Othello, Patton, Tugboat, and Doppler look outstanding. Hard Hat is a heart throb! I could go on and on, just had to do a quick callout on these men.

Announcements: Sparty shared that there will be several volunteer opportunities coming out soon to help young kids with reading, as well as helping tutor high school students. Keep an eye out as that information will be coming soon.

Prayers: Lot of prayers this morning – Keep Retweet and Huffy’s families in your prayers! Prayers for Ruby and changes with her diabetes that could add complexities. Prayers for Doppler as he is looking to close out a case soon that will Impact his life tremendously. And all the prayers deep in our hearts.

COT: I purposely held onto this “Hockey” themed workout for a reason to implement it when I thought it would make sense. I love hockey because 1. It’s a ton of fun and 2. It truly is the ultimate team sport. While I get that it takes all 11 guys on the field to go down the field and score a TD, but there is a guy that could stand on the sidelines all game and do nothing. In hockey, you can’t hide a weak player out in rightfield. In hockey, everyone plays and everyone has a role. Everyone has to be good and over the course of a game, each individual contributes to the game and outcome for the team. This ties in directly to my experience over the last weekend.

When I set off on this challenge to run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours, I truly thought I would be doing a majority of the runs by myself and I was totally up for this mental challenge, and actually invited it. I was blown away by the support I received, and I only ran 4 times by myself. The challenges that come with a run like this are physical, mental, and emotional. What I didn’t anticipate was how much being surrounded by people that believe in me and wanted to be a part of my journey would wash out the pain, help me overcome the mental hurdles, and eliminate everything negative. This serves as a constant reminder that while I can go fast by myself, I can go far with others. A personal struggle I continue to work through is that I don’t need to do everything myself, and more times than not, letting others help me will actually result in better success. So my message to you all is an encouragement to surround yourselves with people that make you better, push you to be great, and believe in you and your mission. Build a hockey team around you where everyone contributes and adds value.

YHC took the men out in Prayer.



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