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14 PAX: Cataracts, Chuckie, Moon Man, Hard Hat, Merch, Pantyhose, Tubesocks, Thor, Nailed It, FDIC, eHarmony (Hate), Skipper, 2×4

QIC: Knobs

At 5:02 YHC Pulled into the parking lot parked my car and immediately busted out with excitement getting ready to get after it. This is a beatdown I’ve been looking forward to attending and Q’ing for sometime now.

While I was unloading my car with cones and shovel flag, I was promptly greeted by FDIC with a huge smile looking like he was ready to get after it today. As I unloaded the rest of my gear, he picked up my shovel flag and planted it right next to his! What a HIM! Up on the road I could see a flurry of activity of pre-runner’s out there getting a little extra in before we started up. I thought to myself, they might regret getting that extra run in today. Todays beatdown is gonna be a hard one.

0515: Called the PAX together, read the five core principles and the motto of F3. In my excitement I forgot to ask if there were any FNG’s but an good error on my part there wasn’t that day. Am I a professional? Who knows that either. Before taking off for our run, I had the PAX number off by three so that we could appropriately distance during the beatdown. Sent the PAX on a quick mosey around the parking lot and circled up right outside to shovel flags for Warm-a-Rama

0520: For Warm-a-Rama my intent was to get the heart rate up and keep it up the whole time. No rest or intervals between sets, we just pushed through them all with a serious fury!

• Side Straddle Hop 20 IC

• Tappy Taps 10 IC

• Albatross Bat Wings add Johnny Drama calve raises (fwd, backward, seal claps, chinook) & Cherry Pickers 10 IC with a valve raise and hold to really burn out those calves!

• WTF – 10 Wide Merkins, 10 Tempo Merkins IC, 10 Freddie Mercury IC

• MF’R – 10 Merkins, 10 Flutter Kicks, 10 Ranger Merkins

The mumble chatter about WTF MF’R was awesome! It seemed like the PAX felt worked hard but definitely chuckled at the name! Aye!

0528: We started the Pre-Thang. Before moving over to the Hill, I quickly explained the plan for our Hill workout. Since we numbered off and had groups of three it made it simple to maneuver. I let them know that this would be a three-man grinder so Group 1 & 2 would be on the bottom of the hill and Group 3 would be up top. They each would do the prescribed exercise until they were relieved by their partner.

• #1: (Bottom of Hill); Carolina Dry Docks & Lt. Dan’s; Move when #2 gets to middle cone

• #2: (Move Up Hill ); BearCrawl uphill to middle cone; Reverse run uphill to top

• #3: (Top of Hill) Hydraulic Squats & Dive Bomber Merkin ; Duckwalk down to middle cone; then Crabwalk to bottom

Side note we prob went 2 min too long on the hill but I couldn’t help it. That part of the workout left YHC jelly legged.

0532 I reassembled the group and started to transition to The Thang. For this workout we were going to move over to the track for a crusher. This is called Dee’s Workout and here is how it went. Three cones even spaced around the track. The PAX would start and finish at the same cone each time. I let them know where each group went and gave them 1 min before we ran.

• 400 m run; pick up 6 or Al Gore

• 10 Burpees

• 20 Hand Release Merkins

• 30 Air Squats

• 40 SSH

• Rinse & Repeat; 10 Count as needed

YHC was definitely humbled by this PAX. My individual group had a bunch of flyers so it was tough even keeping pace with Chucky, HardHat, Moonman and eHarmony! I was definitely the Six!! The ultimate equalizer was the burpee, Merkins, squats and side straddle hops. The PAX were gassed which was the intent. Most groups were able to get through 3-4 complete sets before Omaha was called.

5:52 Omaha and mosey to shovel flag for Mary. I know that I was flying high from that workout and I could see that look from others that they equally loved/hated that beatdown. For Mary we kept it simple

• LBC 15

• American Hammers 15 IC Rancid Style.

14 PAX… good we didn’t lose anyone. Time for Name-a-Rama. YHC was so exhausted that I even messed up my name. Knobs, 43, Budge Austin hilarious!

For my COT spoke briefly about Dee’s Workout and how is developed in honor Tennessee State Trooper and Marine. It was his favorite workout and he was killed in the line of duty in 2016… his friends and family said he was always striving for excellence…

YHC tied in the Q source for remaining part of CoT about Vision. I asked “Who hear has a vision board? Who has a vision for this weekend? This month? This year?” Most men have visualize what they would like but often struggle in putting those visions into action.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift

Sometimes we need others to help make our visions possible. Writing down goals, talking to accountability partners and most importantly checking in on your follow through. How are you doing with your vision and making it a reality?

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