March 9, 2021//Westside High School//AO-The Colosseum//52 Fantastic degrees//

29 Pax: Stella!, Safe Ride, Tin Cup, Z-Bo, Retweet, Biff, Blue Suede, Gumbo, Samples, Bloodshot, Waterboy, Pony Express, Honey Stinger, Swinger, 2×4, Tinderfoot, Greek Freak, Flanders, Chicklets, Kill Switch, SUV, Tug Boat, Brick, Space Bar, Hoosegow, Ice T, Wentworth, Betamax, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered just outside the track. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, the disclaimer was eventually made, and then Folsom sent the PAX through the gate for a 300 meter mosey around the track.

Warm O’ Rama

  1. Imperial Walkers ICx20
  2. Big Ones ICx15
  3. Tappy Taps ICx10
  4. Sun Gods ICx12 both directions
  5. Tempo Merkins ICx10

The Pre-Thang: 100 meters mosey/100 meters sprint x4 = ½ mile

Folsom had the PAX count off by 2’s, sent the 1’s to the east side and the 2’s to the west side. Both groups were told to mosey ¼ lap, then sprint ¼ lap, rinse and repeat until completing 2 laps.

The Thang: 111’s

Folsom explained that he had planned to do 11’s but Tin Cup had Q’ed them and explained why they suck the day before (because you’re doing them on your own). Therefore, Folsom modified last night and decided to come up with a 3 man grinder with each exercise being done by the 3 until they totaled 111 reps. Partner 1 performed the exercises on the east side of the football field, while partner 2 did the exercises on the west side. Partner 3 ran across the width of the football field to relieve partner 2, sending him to run over to partner 1. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Most groups made it back to the top to the Hydraulic Squats and Fox Holes. Folsom’s Rap/Rock/Punk/Cubs victory song playlist kept the PAX energized!


  1. East side:
    1. Hydraulic Squats
    1. Alternating Should Taps
    1. Copperhead Squats
    1. Flutter Kicks
  2. West side
    1. Fox holes (1 Big Boy + 1 Merkin = 1 Fox hole)(I should have explained that.)
    1. Big Boys
    1. Cherry Pickers
    1. Imperial Walkers

MOM: The PAX gathered back at mid field, although it was nearly 6:05, Folsom proceeded with Mary.

  • Reverse Box Cutters ICx30
  • Heel Touches ICx30
  • Frozen Freddy Mercury, (hold one side for a 4 count before switching) ICx30
  • Chill Cut for 60 seconds

Announcements/Prayers:  The 3rd F volunteer event for Saturday is booked. Great job PAX! If you have any ideas for volunteering, contact Wentworth, our 3rd F Q. Also, please contact YHC for 2nd F ideas. I’m hoping to do more now that the weather is turning nice! Prayers for Retweet and his family because he lost his mother yesterday.  

COT: As admitted by Dredd and OBT in Freed to Lead, if someone has a good idea and it works for you, then steal it. Which is what I’m doing to Khakis. He had this great idea to use his CoT’s to talk in more detail about the core principles of F3. MLK Day was the perfect day for Khakis to talk about how F3 is open to ALL men. Today, I decided to talk about why we are led by the members on a rotating basis. Some are clearly better than most others, so why not let them lead all the time? The PAX are guaranteed a good beatdown and no one has to take a chance of ending up in the Museum of Failure. If we did that, then F3 would really just be another workout group. The mission of F3 is to reinvigorate male community leadership through planting, growing, and serving small workout groups. Leaders are made by actually leading. F3 provides a blueprint for leadership. Leading a beatdown is practicing leadership. Confidence in your abilities, as well as actual competence in what you are leading are the building blocks of leadership. Gaining confidence and competence in the gloom translates to other leadership opportunities. I know, because I’ve used that confidence to be a leader at my job and among family and friends. (Most of this was taken directly from Freed to Lead.) I will help anyone who wants to Q, but needs some assistance, as will many of the other more seasoned PAX. I have a great template for backblasts, that also helps me plan and organize my beatdown. I’ll share that with anyone as well. I went on a bit of a rant about how everyone should lead because we crave variety in our workouts and no one should be afraid of failure. For instance, I failed to explain the Thang properly before beginning; no one knew what Fox Holes were and no one knew if the exercises were in cadence or 1 is 1. That was my failure, as I leader, but I will use that be a better leader next time. Finally, WE DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO DO SIDE STRADDLE HOPS AND AMERICAN HAMMERS AT EVERY DAMN BEATDOWN!!!! All we need for an official F3 beatdown is 3 lawyers, Brooks shoes, and at least one Subaru. That’s it, no matter what Betamax says.

Aye- Folsom

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Colosseum

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