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Saturday, March 6, 2021​​​

Aldrich Elementary School, Omaha, NE​​​​​​​​​​​

38° clear


(22) – Tugboat, Waterboy, DaVinci, Cutting Edge, Good Life, Shells, Armbar, Relish, Vandelay, Uhaul, Wait Time, Moon Man, Tubesocks, Cheap Seats, Peer Pressure, Toto, Tonight Show, Yodel, Mufasa, Pothole, Roadhouse, Convoy

QIC: Convoy​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Convoy gave the credo, mission statement, 5 core principles, and disclaimer.  No FNGs.

The PAX moseyed to the upper parking lot by the CIT building for Warm-a-Rama and Pre-Thang.


Side Straddle Hops (x10 I/C)

Goofballs (x10 I/C)

Tappy Taps (x10 I/C)

Big Ones (x10 I/C)

No mosey (stay in same parking lot)

Pre-Thang #1:

“Black Jack”: all PAX line up side-by-side at one end of the parking lot (cones marking the “starting line”).  On your own exercise, at “go”, PAX sprint to cones at far end of parking lot and do 14 merkins, then sprint back and do 1 air squat, then back to other end and do 13 merkins, return to starting line and do 2 air squats, etc.  Always adding to 15, continue in this fashion until arrive at 1 merkin and 14 air squats.  Monkey humpersuntil six is in.  Mosey back to elementary school, line up against rear wall of building (facing West).

Pre-Thang #2:

PAX choose one partner and line up with backs against the school wall.  At “go”, one partner runs down the hill to the cone line, does 10 burpees, then returns to the school wall.  Concurrently, the other partner holds a Balls to the Wall until first partner returns, then they switch roles.  Each partner completes 3 sets of 10 burpees.  Modify BTTW with a chair sit.  Pick up six until all PAX are finished.  Mosey to bottom of hill/soccer field for The Thang.

The Thang:

“Four Corners”: 4 cones, box shape, approx. 40 yards on each side.  2 boxes set up (8 cones).  PAX count off into groups of 4.  Stay with your group the entire time.  Two groups at one set of 4 cones, two at the otherset of 4, groups start diagonally from each other (for spacing purposes). List of 5 exercises with each group.  Each list is different.

At “go”, all groups complete first exercise on their respective lists, then sprint clockwise to next cone (in their box), complete same exercise, sprint to 3rd cone, same exercise, sprint to 4th cone, same exercise, sprint to 1stcone/starting point and being Exercise #2 on list.  Keep progressing in this fashion until all exercises on your list are completed, then (time permitting) rotate to another group’s list and start from the top.  Exercise lists as follows:

Group #1 – Ranger Merkins x20 | Bobby Hurleys x20 | Big Boy Sit-upsx10 | Groiners x20 | Sweat Angels x15

Group #2 – Chuck Norris Merkins x20 | Bonnie Blairs x10 I/C | Alt. Shldr Taps x10 I/C | SSH x10 I/C | Flutter Kicks x10 I/C

Group #3 – Diamond Merkins x20 | Plank Jacks x10 I/C | Gas Pumpersx10 I/C | Hillbilly Squats x20 | LBCs x10 I/C

Group #4 – Werkins x20 | Mtn Climbers x10 I/C | Rosalitas x15 |Copperhead Squats x10 I/C | Freddie Mercurys x10 I/C

“Omaha” called at 6:50a.  Mosey to shovel flags for 6MOM.


American Hammers – “Rancid style” (one rep by each PAX I/C, in succession, end with QIC) = 2 laps, 42 reps


Announcement to support Sparty & Mac ‘n’ Cheese in their weekend race (4x4x48).

Prayers for new dads in the group (Uhaul, Cheap Seats, Shells).


Convoy shared the following story, then closed with a prayer.

There’s a Walt Whitman line quoted in the TV show “Ted Lasso” that goes as follows: “Be curious, not judgmental.”

As men, I feel we are quick to judge situations and/or people without even asking questions or meeting them.  For example, I was at Walmart last night, needing more glow sticks for this morning’s workout.  I was struggling to find them and I heard an employee behind me ask if I needed help.  I turned to see him in a wheel chair, both legs amputated at the knee.  Immediately I froze, thinking there’s no way this guy can help me.  I felt like a complete jackass for having these thoughts, so I decided to give him a shot, told him what I was looking for.

He took me one aisle over, and both of us looked up to see the glow sticks on the top shelf (of course).  He told me to hang tight, radioed his buddy, and a few seconds later (foot stool in hand!) his associate showed up and retrieved the glow sticks.  They didn’t work.  Getting antsy, I looked back at my original helper and he said “don’t worry, I got this”, pulled out his phone, looked up the barcode on his Walmart app, and told me there were more in stock in the clearance section.  I took off across the store and sure enough, found exactly what I needed!

I backtracked to find the wheelchair-bound associate and thanked him.  He asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”.  I was contemplating a Playstation 5 for my son, so I figured, “what the heck” and teed it up to him.  He responded that he was an avid gamer and went on to discuss the pro and cons of different gaming units for the next 10 minutes.  What a guy.

My learning moment: don’t sell anyone short; give them all a chance to blow you away! Our initial assumptions about people and situations can be way off…as Walt says, “be curious, not judgmental”…

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