Weather – Overcast, 16 Degrees, 3mph Wind 

PAX: Folsom, Sister Act, Dirty Bird, Cataracts, Toad Stool, Boiling Point, Honey Stinger, Safe Ride, Huffy, Stella, Toto (QIC) 

PAX were welcomed to The Battlefield. No FNGs, reminder of F3s principles and mission was provided. Short disclaimer and mosey to low South side of high school to softball field.  


Side Staddle Hop – IC – 20

Tappy Taps – IC – 15 

Big Boys – IC – 15

Abe Vigoda – IC – 15

Pre Thang 

ATMS: 15 Shoulder Taps IC, 10 Temp Merkins, 10 Fast Merkins

Batwings: 20ea – Arm Circles Forward IC, Backwards IC, Seal Claps IC, Overhead Claps IC

The Thang 

Group remained whole as we gathered around Station 1 of 4 placed along lower parking lot.  

First Circuit – 20 Reps, Second Circuit – 10 Reps

Station 1: Monkey Humpers IC, Diamond Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, Yogi Merkins IC

  • Bear crawl 50 yards to Station 2

Station 2: Copperhead Squats IC, Double Wide Merkins, Alternating Lunges IC, Hydraulic Planks

  • Backwards run 50 yards to Station 3

Station 3: HILL CLIMB – DEEP SNOW – Exercise UP, Hustle Down

  • Stutter Steps, High Knees, Lunges, Burpees 
  • Mosey to Station 4 along tennis court fence. 

Station 4:  BTTW Chicken Peckers, Donkey Kicks, Wall Sit Shoulder Press, Wall Sit March

  • Mosey back to Station 1

Stations 1 and 2 performed second before Omaha was called. 


  • American Hammers (Rancid Style) two rounds. 

Eager to begin my COT, I almost forgot the Name O-Rama. 

Eager PAX to give their Name O-Rama, reminded me.  

Announcements / Prayer Request. 

Folsom: Prayers for an F3 brother’s family challenged with news of Cancer. 


With LPC on the mend, unable to fill the Q for today, I wanted to incorporate some words of wisdom from him for my COT today. This Monday, LPC shared a post of FB that warmed my heart, and that of those who read it. This is what he said. 

This morning I was driving my Nora to her Nana’s house, around 7:30am, like every other Monday. Halfway there, I look back and she is really quiet, (unlike her) and looking out the side of the truck through the window. She is 4 mind you. I am thinking she is just in a daze maybe still waking up this morning. I mean what is there to look at? It is freezing out and everything is a shade of gray. I ask her, “Noni, what are thinking about?” She responds calmly and assured, “Just looking at how beautiful the sunrise is today.” I responded, “You’re absolutely right it is beautiful thank you for sharing.” This exchange warmed every part of my heart on a day when my thermostat read -15 degrees. 

Ask you kids questions you might be surprised by what they say! But it might be exactly what you need to hear. Have a great Monday friends. 

LPCs post reminded me of some of those sweet conversations with my daughter. Conversations that I maybe took for granted or vaguely recall as result of not giving her my full attention or too busy thinking about work or Lord knows what. 

LPC reminded me that, it is these special moments that open our hearts and allow us to experience life the way it was intended. 

LPC reminded me that we need to share these moments with others so that they too can experience that heart felt emotion. 

Soo, my message to you this morning is to open your eyes and ears, capture those special moments, and share them with your loved ones and peers. 


Sky Q, 

We pause this morning to thank you for these men. We thank you for their commitment to bettering themselves so that they can be that foundation for their families and communities. 

We ask that you lend your hand to those in need of prayer. Give them the strength to overcome the hardships they’re facing. 

Lastly, we ask that you open our eyes and ears Lord. Help us to recognize these special moments that all to often go forgotten and instead open the door to our hearts so that these moments may inspire us and those whom we share them with. 

In your name we pray, 


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