March 2, 2021/AO – The Colosseum/Temperature: 27 Degrees

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Q: Safe Ride

I don’t pretend to be a man of the people.  But I do try to be a man for the people.  Today, the Gods looked down upon the PAX of OMAHA and opened the gates to The Colosseum.  It had been many moons since the PAX were allowed onto these hallowed grounds.  Rumor circulated that it was a mischievous grated potato (a/k/a Tater Tot) who had desecrated the field with a broad blade affixed to a medium-length handle.  Some may call such a device a shovel.  Others may refer it as a weapon of mass destruction.  But fret no more, the locks were removed this morning and the PAX found their way into The Colosseum.

Once the clock struck 5:30am Safe Ride welcomed everyone to F3 Omaha.   The Mission Statement, disclaimer, and 5 core principles were given. Safe Ride checked for any new guys and then started today’s workout.


The PAX moseyed to mid-field and circled up for warm-a-rama

1.     Tappy Taps

2.     Windmills

3.     Sun Gods

4.     Goofballs


The PAX moseyed to the south goal line for a few additional exercises:

–        20 yards of high knees

–        20 yards of butt kickers

–        40 yards of karaoke

–        40 yards of side shuffle

–        100 yards sprint x 2


The PAX remained at the south goal line for a 2-man grinder.  The men paired up and were instructed that one man would run to midfield and back. The other man performed cumulative exercises.  Each exercise had 100 reps. The following exercises were performed:



Shoulder Taps IC

Big Boy Situps

Mountain Climbers IC

Alternating Lunges

Plank Jacks IC


Moroccan Nightclubs

Bobby Hurleys

American Hammers IC

Omaha was called at 6:05am.  A few groups made it to American Hammers but there were no rinse and repeaters.


Fairly non-existent which was music to Safe Ride’s ears.  Huffy mentioned that time stood still during the Thang.  Short Sale also noted that you could tell it was a good beatdown when the PAX remained on the ground after Mary.


Circle up at midfield for the following exercises:

1.     Flutter Kicks

2.     LBCs

3.     Frozen Freddies


Safe Ride told the PAX that today is the anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game scoring record in the NBA when he scored 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors in a 169–147 win over the New York Knicks. It is considered one of the greatest records in the sport’s history. That season, Chamberlain averaged a record 50.4 points per game.  During the fourth quarter of the 100 point game, the Knicks began fouling other players to keep the ball away from Chamberlain, and they also became deliberate on offense to reduce the number of possessions for Philadelphia. The Warriors countered by committing fouls of their own to get the ball back.  The game was not televised, and no video footage of the game has since been recovered. 

After the game Wilt the Stilt thanked his teammates and noted that the achievement would not have been possible without them.  It was a total team effort.  Considering it’s an individual achievement that’s telling.  It takes teamwork to accomplish great things.  Today, we leaned on our teammate to make it through a tough 2-man grinder.  Keep being a good teammate for your fellow PAX, your M and family, and your co-workers.  Go Carpe that Diem!


–        Prayers for Birdman as he recovers from fall yesterday

–        Prayers for Toadstool’s friend and family who lost a loved one over the weekend

–        Prayers and TCLAPs to Khakis brother

–        Heartland Hope volunteer opportunity coming up on March 13.  Contact Wentworth if you’re interested

–        First Friday lunch should be happening this week.  Keep an eye on Slack/Twitter for details

We ended in prayer.

Much love!

Safe Ride

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