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PAX: FDIC, Grease Fire, Polaroid, Blue Chip, The Plague, Flanders, Gobbler, Lucky Charms, Black Jack, Bovine, E-85, Safe Ride, Toadstool, Huffy, Brazilian, Stella, Samples, Slow Pitch, Gunner

Welcomed the group and then tried to start the workout.  Safe Ride kindly asked what F3 stood for!  That snapped YHC back into the mission: F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith and the Mission is to Plant, Grow and Servesmall workout groups for the re-invigoration of male community leadership!  We have 5 Core Principles which are 1. Be free of charge, 2. Be open to all men, 3. Be held outdoors, 4. Be led my members in a rotating fashion, 5. End with a Circle of Trust

The PAX were then informed that my first post was at Paradise and that we would be following a similar workout to that one so I hoped they all brought running shoes. Lots of grumbling mumble chatter ensued as well as some empty threats of leaving!  That first workout was brought to you by our now Nantan Tater Tot on Feb 26, 2020, below is the name-a-rama and back blast links from that workout.



My pre-run investigation revealed that there was quite a bit of snow of various depths on the fields and it was hardand crusty from the freeze-thaw cycle so we stayed right near the shovel flags for Warm-a-rama

SSH X 15 IC, 2 Burpees, Hillbillies X 10 IC, 4 Burpees, Tappy Taps X 10 IC, 6 Burpees, Big Ones X 10 IC

You can read the back blast from last year Tater Tots misheard lyrics which led to this exercise:

Hush Hush’s Arms

Merkin position, move to the right in 5 count cadence, followed by 5 merkins, move back to the left in 5 count cadence, followed by 5 merkins.

We repeated this twice and then using a line from my namesake Biff of Back to the Future fame, we needed to “Make like a Tree and get out of here!”  Mosey to Grotto.  Gunner enjoyed the movie quote reference and as it seems to have become commonplace anytime YHC has Q’d, about half of the group was confused by my reference!

At the very snowy grotto, we found a ledge and did the following in quick succession:

20 dips, 10 incline merkins, 10 dips, 10 incline merkins

Mosey to Pep Bowl up on UNO campus, but beware of the black ice at the top of the grotto stairs.  Once at the Pep Bowl we circled up to do:

Hush Hush’s Legs

Squat position, move to the right in 5 count cadence, followed by 5 air squats, move back to the left in 5 count cadence, followed by 5 air squats

We then counted off into three groups for a 3 Team Grinder, stations were set up on opposite sides of the Pep Bowl with group 1 starting at Station 1, group 2 at Station 2 and group 3 was the push group:

Station 1 – 

5 Burpees, 15 Dips, 10 (IC) Decline Mountain Climbers

Station 2 – 

10 (IC) Decline Shoulder Taps, 10 (IC) American Hammers sitting on ledge with legs out, 10 Jump Ups

This proceeded for about 15 minutes and Omaha was called at 6:00 for a mosey to shovel Flags and round up for Mary.


In an attempt to add more variety into our F3 ab workouts I brought out a number of core exercises that few PAX have done.  This began with some enthusiasm but that did not last, and the mumble chatter was top notch in between groans of pain.

Kobe Crunch 15 (IC),- Mumble chatter was very positive, even heard a few, “I like this, I need to remember to add this to my next Q”, alright good start!

Ivan Drago’s 10 (UP)- This exercise has been one of my personal favorites and I indicated that I have been trying to get it to catch on but to little success.  The mumble chatter brought about was generally groans about the coordination required and sarcasm of surprise that it hasn’t caught on!

Bent Knee Windshield Wipers 15 (IC)- This was relief for the PAX and easy one. But mumble chatter began that the previous portion of the workout was all just the Pre-Thang and that we were now doing the Thang!

Rolling Jacknifes 10 (UP)- More groans of complication and increasing mumble chatter.

Marching Planks 10 (IC)- Again basically relief for the final round

Seated Ab Circles 10 (IC Each Direction)- This final exercise brought on a bunch of chatter, laughter and in-ability to complete the exercise.  YHC washalfway through the second set when I looked up and saw Brazillian flat on his back drawing a circle with his legs about a ½” diameter. This caused me to laugh and I struggled to finish the count.

Announcements of Queenservice, 12 in 21, 4x4x48 and prayers for Plagues wife


YHC has now attended F3 workouts for 1 year!  Thanks for Merch for bringing me out.  F3 has been a constant source of stability in this past year and I have thoroughly enjoyed all three F’s.  I came for the Fitness, got hooked on the Fellowship and soaked up the Faith.

I start each morning with my basic routine of waking up, going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, etc.  This process helps me wake up and get moving.  Sometime during this past year while brushing my teeth I started paying attention to Bible Verse on the wall that my wife had put there years ago and I really just never paid attention too.  However, this time I read the verse and it struck me.  This verse is very famous, it has been read at the majority of weddings that I have been too.  I challenged the PAX to listen to the verse as I read it and think about and ask themselves “If they are…” to each item listed:

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is PATIENT, Love is KIND. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the TRUTH, it always PROTECTS, always TRUSTS, always HOPES, always PERSEVERES. 

I read this verse just about every morning now and try to ask myself, am I doing what Love IS or am I doing what Love IS NOT?  My final challenge to the PAX was to ask themselves that as well, if you find yourself doing what Love is not then ask forgiveness and focus on doing what Love IS!


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