February 27,2021 | AO Halleck Park, Papillion | Weather: Clear, 32°, Very Icy

PAX: Trench, Tony the Tiger, Ear Tag, KOA, Fire Marshal Bill, Beta Max, Gipper, Ferdinand, Baby Shark. Rooney, Marve, Arch , Levy, Swinger, Firewalker, Squeaky Clean  Q: Gunner

Performed the F3 Morning Greeting and cited the F3 Mission and 5 Core Principles.  No FNGs took part in the beatdown, so we moseyed out from the shovel flags to Halleck Park’s Arboretum to perform Warmarama.

Part 1 Warm-O-Rama

  1. 12 IC Don Quixiotes
  2. 12 IC Sprinklers
  3. 12 IC Mountain Man Poopers
  4. 10 IC Arm Circles in Plank

After Part 1 we moseyed around the Arboretum Trail and performed Part 2 of Warmarama

Part 2 Warm-O-Rama

  • 12 IC Dancing Bears
  • 12 Turkish Get-Ups
  • 12 IC Blades of Steel
  • 10 Yoga Toe Taps

Moseyed over to near Blondy Ruff baseball field for Set 1 the Pre-thang. The Pre-Thang consisted of these 4 exercises, but the Pax executed 1 set and we moseyed further for the next set located at a minimal icy location in the Arboretum.

Pre- Thang

15 IC Mummy Kicks

15 Squat Jacks

15 IC High Knees

10 Dive Bombers

Repeated for a total of 3 sets at increased speed

The Work Out-  

The workout took place at the north soccer fields.  A classic 2-man grinder.  One partner performed the exercise as the other partner ran across the field, up to the Papio Trail, performed 3 burpees and returned to switch.

AMRAP Each Exercise until your partner comes back.

  1. Flutter kicks
  2. Groiners
  3. Canoe-Style Hammers (American Hammers with a rowing motion)
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. Pickle Pointers on tip toes
  6. Seal Jacks When Partner is halfway Smurf Jacks
  7. Rosalitas
  8. Crab Cakes
  9. Big O’s On your 6 and make an O with legs Switch directions OYO
  10. Carolina Wine Mixer – Perform Makhtar N’ Diayes and a merkin
  11. Inverted Toe-Touches
  12. Plank Jacks
  13. Lying Down – Windmills
  14. Monkey Humpers
  15. Mountain Climbers


Pax circled up for 3 sets of Johnny Dramas (1 parallel, 1 toes in, 1 toes out)

Announcements & Prayer requests

Half marathon on Sunday

4x4x48 run

Prayers for family’s with new babies and about to have babies

Beta Max announced a workout group for Ms that is happening.  Pax are the DM Beta Max for details


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