2/27/2021 I The Oracle AO I Aldrich School I 25 Degrees

37 PAX: Khakis, Patton, Water Boy, Convoy, Pot Hole, Road House, Two Step, Blue Suede, Big One, Slow Pitch, Relish, Pantyhose, Huffy, Armbar, Nemo, Grillz, Mardi Gras, Nightcrawler,Tonight Show, Greek Freak, Wait Time, Birdman, Chucky, Othello, Retweet, Cheap Seat, Tater Tot, Rancid, The Plague, Nailed It, Ketchup, Tug Boat, Ripkin, Chop Shop
VQ: Da Vinci
FNG: Blueprint
FNG: Half Shell

PAX gathered at the shovel flags east of Aldrich. Da Vinci welcomed the Pax, shared the mission statement but forgot to state he was not a professional. He declared the mosey’s would be short but the PAX got an effective beatdown nevertheless!


1. 20 Side straddle hops
2. 20 Sun Gods
3. 20 Tappy Taps
4. 20 Cherry Pickers
5. 20 Sumo Squats
6. 20 Carolina Dry Docks
7. 20 Big Ones


The PAX counted off into teams of seven. All groups performed the same exercises. Each group had two stations on a grassy field.
Station One: 7 Merkins, 7 Alarm Clocks (in cadence)
Station Two: 7 Burpees, 7 Squats (in cadence)
The exercises were increased to 14 then 21. After reaching 21, the teams rinsed and repeated beginning at 7 again.


!. 15 Flutter Kicks
2. 15 Freddy Mercury’s
3. 15 Heel Touches
4. 15 Box Cutters
5. 15 LBC’s
6. Plank for a 15 count
7. American Hammer counted out, one each in the circle.


FNG’s: Bliueprint and Half Shell


COT: Da Vinci

The workout was in around the number seven. The exercises and teams were in groups of seven. God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Our weeks are seven days and the seventh is a day of rest. I have always enjoyed beginning the work week with my office team and also enjoy the seventh day of rest. Working shoulder to shoulder with colleagues brings meaning to life. This past year in F3 has brought me comfort and joy working with an amazing group of men, shoulder to shoulder. Dividing the PAX in to smaller teams for the Thang demonstrated how working together brings fullfilment and comraderie. The PAX was encouraged to value the brotherhood of F3 and work. We nneed to thank God for our work and our days of rest.


Da Vinci


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