Heavy: Bad Music in a Circle

2/24/21. Heavy Metal AO | Stinson Park

PAX:  Grease Fire, Icy Hot, Frosty, Bovine, Safe Ride, Porta John, E85, Toad Stool, Sticky Bandit, Nugent, Stella, Golden Pike, Folsom, Honey Stinger, Blood Shot, Zebo, Tuner, Spreadsheet, Slow Pitch

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather: 34ish degrees, a little breezy and a touch slicker than crap in spots.

Slow Pitch started off the morning joining forces, with some stud HIM that were pre-running. These are some gentlemen, that once despised running, but have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and have been impressive, with their individual and collaborative progress. So awesome to be a part of this group, that refers to themselves as Clydesdales. 

At exactly 5:30 the Q went over the 5 core principles, added one that wasn’t one, then said another twice, giving the impression there are now 6-7 principles instead of 5. This guy is a hoot! This is his 30th official Q, however he is a train wreck, mentally and has yet to master the intro to the workouts. He did get the mission statement, which, he even surprised himself. 

Warm-o-Rama: Mosey to benches on East side of park, with weight in hands

Step Ups: 20 Each Leg on Up with weight in hand

Once both legs were completed Slow Pitch announced that there is a surprise and that was the Honey Stinger Pre-Thang Surprise. Stinger had the PAX mosey to the playground area, where we circled up and he asked the Q to start the bad music. Today’s music was brought to the Heavy, PAX, by the world’s tightest jam band of our time, Widespread Panic. Not everyone can appreciate 7–10-minute jams, but good lord the Q does, so…

Pre-Thang: Honey Stinger Surprise:

Seal Claps in Al Gore-15IC

Overhead claps-15IC

Sun Gods with a calf Raise 10 IC each direction 

Zombie Walkers 10IC

Single Arm punches-12

Overhead press-15

Curls for the girls-15

Single arm punches-10 each arm

Overhead press 10

Curls for the girls -10

Carolina Drydocks -10 on my down

ATMs-Alternating shoulder taps, tempo merkins, merkins


Plank/Chillcut/single leg/downward dog/howl at the moon/single arm extensions

What a gift it was to have H Stinger accept the task of the Pre-Thang!  The Q holds Stinger in the highest regards!

Thang: Circle up with weights by playground equipment: 

50 Squats on down 

25 IC SSH holding weights at chest

50 Squats on down

Mosey one lap with weights – Well, this wasn’t thought out. A little bit further of a distance than the Q should’ve done and as the six was being retrieved, the Q listened to a great suggestion, of shortening the next mosey up. Thank you, sir, for your wisdom!

Here’s where it got interesting for the Q:

35 Forward Lunges: Right leg only on down (Foundation got really shaky after 25, but Q intended on 45)

25 IC SSH, legs forwards and backwards, holding weights at chest

35 Forward Lunges: Left leg only on down (Foundation crumbling, cadence real slow, not certain if he’s gonna make it). There is a good chance that by this part of the workout, the Q is at his 4th, ten count.

Grab a weight from your neighbor to your right and mosey one lap with weights. This lap shorter around the “Stinson Penis.” Poor Bloodshot picked up, what looked like a 50 lb dumbbell from his neighbor and cruised through the mosey.

40 Big Boy Sit-ups

25 IC SSH holding weights at chest

40 Big Boy Sit-ups (the last 20 were some sumbitches for the Q)

Omaha: 6:04

Mary: Burpees to close: No better song to listen to, while doing burpees than, Ain’t Life Grand! 

Burpees: 10 on down

10 count

Burpees: 10 on down

10 count

Burpees 5 on down 

The Q had to give himself at least 5-6 ten counts in his own workout. He’s not fit enough to do what he puts on paper and a, border line, moron.

That’s it for Mary? Nah, Frosty speaks up and wants to Rancid Hammer it out. 

Slow Pitch whispered to Frosty that he was responsible for prayer in NOR.

Announcements and Prayers:  Pray for Safe Ride’s mother.


You never know when your message is the one that someone carries with them, daily or is the catalyst for change. On March 11th 2020, there was a COT that has stuck with me. One that I think about almost every day. This message hit me at the right time and place, and I don’t know if the Q,that day, knew he was going to be that impactful. 

This was his message: “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.” -Mahatma Gandhi.  F3 is experiencing and needing rapid growth in near future. Now more than ever we are needing people to step up and lead! Plant, Grow and Serve.

This simple message helped me raise my hand, step forward and understand there is a need for leadership, not just in F3, but our homes, community and workplaces. Thank you, Honey Stinger, for that message that day!

Your HC – Slow Pitch!

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Heavy Metal

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