2/20/2021 @0600| The Oralce | Aldrich Elementary – 506 N 162nd Avenue

PAX:  30 – Chiclets, Convoy, Waterboy, Crab Cakes, Retweet, Sister Act, Chucky, Cheap Seats, Honey Stinger, Blue Suade, Tonight Show, Yodel, Panty Hose, Tube Socks, Wait Time, Spacebar, Grease Fire, Ponzi, Brazilian, Vandelay, Pothole, Relish, Touche, Gabe Kier – FNG aka Ricky Bobby, Ripken, Brian Jacobson – FNG aka Chop Shop, Road House, Slow Pitch & Selleck.

Weather: Balmy 18 and clear skies.

Co-Qic:  Selleck, Stinger, Ponzi, Wait-Time

Selleck welcomed the PAX to Oracle 6am edition and dispelled mission, core principles and disclaimer; two FNGs were welcomed. Selleck informed the PAX this is a sequel from Friday’s Woodshed beatdown, pulling in Stinger, Ponzi and Wait to serve in Co-Q capacity on his 41st Birthday.  

The PAX moseyed North side of the lower West Dodge Medical Bldg parking lot. Ponzi’s number was called for warmO session…which progressed into nearly a damn pre-thang. Thanks for reciprocating, Ponz!


Ponzi did a series standard issue warmorama, then shifted to burpees, jump tucks, planks, various merkins and lots o mumble chatter. There is not true record of how this warm-rama escaled.


PAX moseyed to Top of Wait-Time’s turn to give Selleck a bday, gift….Silent SSH!

  • Set the table – 6 count / 4 silent
    • PAX loses = 5 burpees
  • Meal – 21 count / 20 silent
    • PAX loses = 5 burpees


PAX numbers off in three; three stations led by Ponzi, Stinger & Selleck (PSS) are set up 100 yards apart. PSS owned there station and led or assigned PAX exercises with options for 10 counts rest in between.

Act 1 – Ponzi Prequel

  • Jump Squats X 15
  • Carloina Dry Dock – 15 IC
  • 20 front lunges – 10 each leg
    • 10 count rest
  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 60 second plank
    • 10 count rest
  • Quick feet – you call it
  • Johnny Dramas – 15 IC
  • Werkins X 15


Act 2 – Stinger Sequel

  • Al Gore w/overhead clap X 15 IC
  • Monkey Humpers X 15 IC
  • Crab Cake X 10 IC
    • 10 count rest
  • High Knees X 15 IC
  • Copper Head Squats X 15 IC
  • Low Dolly X 15 IC
    • 10 count rest
  • Bonnie Blairs X 15 IC
  • Alt Shoulder taps X 15 IC
  • Ranger Merkins X 15

Act 3- Selleck Saga

  • Happy Jacks – 5 SSH/2 jump squats X 3
  • Blades of Steel X 15 IC
  • Flutter KicksX 15 IC
    • 10 count rest
  • Side plank, Apple Pickers X 10 each side
  • Superman Lat raise X 15 IC
  • Reverse Lunge w/Twist X 10 each leg
    • 10 count rest 
  • Jump Tucks X 15
  • Bear Crawl in circle 10 count right, 10 count left
  • Crucible merkins X 15

HAPPY Gloom Tune

All PAX gather in middle of the upper lot for HAPPY routine. Selleck played “Happy” by Pharell Williams. Every time lyric HAPPY is heard, pax moved from Plank to Squat thruster or Plank to Burpee.

OMAHA called and PAX moseyed to shovel flags for Mary served up by H. Stinger!


  • LBC x 15 IC
  • Pickle pushers X 15 IC
  • Ankle Grabbers X 15 IC
  • Pickle pushers X 15 IC
  • Flutter Kicks X 15 IC
  • Pickle pusher X 15 IC
  • American Hammer X 41 IC


  • Selleck offered short COT and how blessed he feels to be apart of F3.
  • Cheesy Hallmark bday card to the PAX would read, “How much greater could this world be if everybody had brothers like you all.”
  • Reach out and connect with a friend, family member, previous co-worker who has been on your mind. Just a 10 minute touchpoint to say, “Hey, how are you…I’ve been thinking of you.”

PAX adjourned for parking lot banter and coffeteria at 0658. Sugar Rays shifted right over to Mother Goose’s 0700 beatdown.

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