12 HIM: Rooney, KOA, GirlDad, Firewalker, T3, High LIfe, Squeaky, Trench, Khakis, Tator Tot, Knobs, QIC Baby Shark (VQ)

0530: 12 brave men gathered in the bitter cold at the Sanitarium to be greeted by their VQ – BabyShark. There was anticipation in the air and perhaps an uneasiness about having a VQ on the coldest day of the year. Would we stand around while Baby Shark fumbled thru the introduction? The sign on the nearby bank illuminated an eerie -26 degrees. There was no time to waste. Baby Shark rattled off the introduction and we were on our way to mosey to the south parking lot with the hopes we could avoid the north wind and save a degree or 2.

0535: The Warmarama was quick and to the point. The men circled up and Baby Shark led with 30 Side Stradle Hops; 20 Imperial Walkers; and 10 Tappy Taps. It was time to get moving get some feeling back in our digits.

0540: It was Fat Tuesday and F3 New Orleans had blessed Baby Shark and the Sanitarium to hold a Mardi Gras parade (See Twitter shout out). However, this was no celebration parade. This was a Parade of Pain. The men counted off and formed 3 groups of 4, but these groups weren’t for cuddling. The men formed their parade lines and began to jog with the first man in line dropping down to complete 5 Merkins. Once completed he would call out to his group and hustle up to fall in line. This Parade of Pain made 4 laps around the south parking lot. Enough to get the blood flowing and for Knobs to complain he had one too many layers. I sure sign we were going to work hard today.

0550: Mosey back to the North lot (north wind no longer a concer) to continue with an Amwrap style Mardi Gras themed beat down. We stayed in our groups of 4. Each group sent 2 HIMs running from one end of the parking lot to the other while the other stayed and put in the reps. The HIMs slammed down as many Bourbouns (big boy sit up with leg lift and twist) as they could perform. Once their group returned it was off running. Poor choices can be made on Mardi Gras when indulging in numerous Bourbons and no one wants to be in position to catch the gift that keeps on giving. But we live with the choices we make. Thus, it was time for Hurpees (hand release burpees). 

0605: Mosey back to where we started. American Hammers – 12 IC. Announcements were made and prayers were shared. COT – “Begin with the End in Mind”. As we move into Lent and prepare for the next 40 days many of us will set goals and try to better ourselves. Baby Shark encouraged all to take time to reflect on what our end goal may be for the next 40 days. By beginning with the end in mind we can set a clear path that will help us reach that goal. Baby Shark expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead and shared his willingness to be a Q again in the near future.

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